Lemon Meringue Pie, sourdough bread and arugula-my tipsy turvy life of baking


I made a lemon meringue pie this week.  I got the recipe from Brydie of cityhippyfarmgirl.  It is

different and delicious and I don’t think I cooked the filling quite long enough.  If you make it- make

sure it comes to a definite slow boil.

Frank’s mother made lemon meringue pie with bananas on the bottom.  He wants me to do that for

him but I can’t.  Really- I just cannot do that.  For one thing- that would NOT be an lemon meringue pie

and secondly- I hate bananas.   Don’t ask me why she did it- she was a Hungarian woman trying out 

Canadian desserts and I think she got the pies mixed up. 

I also made a Rhubarb custard pie-


which turned out rather well!

003I wish I could grow rhubarb.  My soil is mostly a heavy clay

and it doesn’t do well in my garden.  But for $3 a bunch, I will keep on buying it – that’s not a bad price

for this tart and tangy treat!


009                                                          005

And there has been bread.  Baked and fried-  I love the fried sourdough- it puffed up into crunchy

cracker like bread pockets- with kosher salt and sesame seeds- such a treat.


There will always be bread.

And arugula!



My friend,Jane, grew a bumper crop and invited me to come and pick. 

What a delight.  I made wilted arugula salad.  I used it on a sandwich and it was perfect.

And I made a pasta salad with arugula mixed with other green leaf lettuces-

I feasted on arugula last week.

Notice how I said “I”- Frank said, “ Are you kidding me?  Where is the iceberg lettuce?”

No arugula for Frank.

(And no bananas in the lemon meringue pie, either!!!)

9 thoughts on “Lemon Meringue Pie, sourdough bread and arugula-my tipsy turvy life of baking

  1. Oh I knew you were a kindred spirit – I won’t allow bananas in the house! I can’t stand them either! And your fried sourdough intrigues me – did you just slice up a loaf into square pieces and deepfry them? Or did you fry the raw dough? Thanks Heidi.. x

    • 😀 Bananas have all kinds of issues with me! I don’t like the texture, flavor or odor. In fact- I think they smell like garbage AND they get brown and yucky all too soon. Unfortunately Frank LOVES them. So he gets one a day in his lunch and must dispose of the peel in some one else’s garbage can!
      The sourdough bread was fried raw. I pulled it out like a foccacia and then cut it into small squares. Pressed a design into them and fried them up and then salted them. They were really fantastic- the first day they were crunchy and delicious. I took them to the farmer’s market and shared with my friends. There were some left over so the next day they were chewy and yummy with the pasta salad we had for lunch. Altogether they were great. I made them with my little Aiden and he loved pressing the cutter and cutting them to size ( we also made some doughnuts from a sweet dough- I figured I had the oil hot so we should take advantage of it) and then
      he got to shake the salt and sesame seeds on them. So much fun!

    • Hi Brydie!
      No- I don’t think they go together at all- but Frank doesn’t like lemons- so I guess the bananas somehow cancelled out the tangy lemonness.
      Anyway- I wouldn’t suggest anyone make lemon meringue with bananas!

  2. I was very excited to read about the fried foccacio squares, you do such innovative things with dough ! I am not a big meringue eater but I do like lemon meringue pie. And I am a huge arugula (rocket) fan, your salad is one I could eat every day. Xx jo

    • I do love fried bread. My mother used to make it for us as kids- and allow us to use salt and seeds for flavor. The arugula is so delicious- the nutty flavor with dressing- YUM!
      Meringue is good for cookies and pies. Nice to hear from you ,Jo!

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