A love story


Growing up in a large family gives one perspective.  I am number 6 of seven children.

I saw relationships at work all around me- sibling, parental, partner, gender- there was

always something going on.  And because I was so much younger than my older sibs- I often

had the opportunity to watch them go through many of the trials and changes in life and learn

from their mistakes and wise choices.  I saw rivalries and teamwork, watched them work out

strategies and winced at some of the colossal fails.    But I also watched my parents and took careful

note of their relationship.  

My father loved my mother absolutely.  Even when she was at her most contrary- he adored her.

He would not always understand her- but he was in her corner as her greatest advocate.  His instruction

to me was invariably β€œ Mind your mother” .

  My parents owned a greenhouse, but my father also worked a full time job, so a lot of the work and

responsibility of running the greenhouse fell to my mother and my older brothers.  My mom was a florist

and made bouquets and corsages, funeral baskets and grave blankets- and she would transplant all the

seedlings in the winter and spring.  My father had a transplanting area set up for her in the back of the

commercial greenhouse- in an alcove between the little greenhouse where he kept his special plants and

the service room that housed the pots and flats and heaters and other paraphernalia that kept the business

running efficiently.

It was very much her area- the bench at the right height for her to plant without too much bending- a chair to

ease her back- foam mats (always encrusted with soil) and lighting right above her station for the times when

she had to plant into the night to keep up with the season.  The greenhouse was where their partnership showed

the most to me- they worked together to make it a success.

So- when my husband called me into the front yard the other day and showed me this-


a planting station that he set up for me- it spoke to me of his love for me.

He didn’t really understand why I broke into tears- or why I kissed him so ferociously- but he was pleased that I was happy!


My love language from my childhood  eye-  he provided a safe and comfortable space to plant the containers for our yard.


I planted up 14 different containers, my hands busy, my heart full, humming a happy little tune. 

Because I felt so loved.

15 thoughts on “A love story

    • Thanks, Lily- I’m glad to be feeling these moments of joy. Happiness is not a constant state for me- so I treasure all the lightness and flashes of joy that come my way! It was a pretty great moment made possible by a rather great husband! πŸ™‚

  1. How fabulously wonderful, Heidi! Frank has just won the award for best husband ever, and he never has to eat a Brussels sprout again! πŸ™‚ Touching, heartwarming story, thank you dearheart, I’m not at my best at the moment, so it was lovely to be cheered by this post. xx

    • You are right, Celia- he doesn’t have to eat the Brussels sprouts- although I did plant 4 nice sized seedlings!
      I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well, take it easy and let yourself enjoy some quiet down time if you can.
      I’m praying for a quick recovery, my friend!

  2. Frank that was very sweet of you. Heidi had to show it all to me when I dropped over later. She was so very happy that you thought of her. I loved all of the story it brings back many happy memories. As with most families there are good and bad times. We all grew and became healthy, happy and productive adults. I love you!

    • Thank you, Susan- I think so, too!
      He’s never been big on buying chocolates and flowers (maybe because WAY back at the beginning of our relationship- before I was convinced he was my future- I sent him back his flowers and chocolates!) but he is really considerate at making things easy and possible for me. He just wasn’t prepared for the enthusiastic acceptance of his gesture!

  3. I wasn’t expecting this at all but it is so lovely Heidi. Dear Frank and dear you – you are all such kind and loving folk, even when battling the war with depression, bless you both and I hope your yard looks beautiful all planted up this summer. I think this is quite the loveliest post I have read in a long time, thank you xx Jo

    • Thank you, Joanna. Frank loves to decorate the yard with flowers- adding bright spots where the perennials have bloomed out or haven’t come into their own yet. I really enjoy watching him move them around from week to week- it is sometimes a small mystery as to where he has moved some of my favorite combinations.
      We’ve been married 38 years and it is really still a love story.

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