Baking Day

Every once in a while I start baking

and donโ€™t know when to


Today was one of those days.

Started out with a buttermilk toasting bread-


and then on to pumpkin pies-


And then Cookies!!!!


Peanut butter and oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips.

And then, finally-


Devilโ€™s Food cake with Frangipane filling and Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt

glaze and almonds.


Really really good stuff.


Really really good.

9 thoughts on “Baking Day

  1. Could you share your Pumpkin Pie recipe please? My sister lived in ‘The States’ for a long time and she loved pumpkin pie.

  2. Magnificent bake Heidi! Spooikily I made cookies for the first time in an age yesterday and they were peanut butter cookies with oatmeal and spelt with extra peanuts. I had two before bedtime and slept very well. I was going to make a coffee walnut cake and crack a bag of walnuts I had found, only I couldn’t find the nut cracker, so I stopped there. I am currently building brand new rye starters just to remind myself how it goes. On Day 6 they are trebling in size every 10 hours or so. They don’t smell right yet so I won’t bake with it for another few days. I am trying Paul’s method which involves mixing the rye flour with unsweetened pineapple juice for the first few days) – all good so far. xxs and hugs and averting my gaze from the Devils Food Cake which sounds like it has possibly my favourite ingredients ever in it… Joanna

    • Hi Joanna- I feel very well stocked in the dessert area- but Frank cut into one of the pies yesterday and there is less than half left- there are only 11 cupcakes left and my cookie jar is less than full. My husband has a real sweet tooth- and when you invite others over for tea it can diminish your larder, quickly!
      So I’m thinking of some more baking later this week. ๐Ÿ˜€
      ( We often seem to be having similar thoughts about baking, lately.
      That walnut coffee cake sounds delicious- does it include cinnamon, perchance?)

    • Mmm- that bread turned out perfectly wonderful toasted.
      I tried your recipe, but Thing two is becoming much more sour and Frank detected the tang and wouldn’t eat it. So I’m going to start up one of the starter crumbs that I dried out when Thing two was still young and fresh and try again. ๐Ÿ™‚

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