A preview of Spring- Island style

It is cold and blustery in NE Ohio today.

We left in the midst of a sleet storm on Monday morning.

And we came south and east and stopped on Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

To Spring.

Here are some pictures- I forgot to take pictures of all the pansies and daffodils


But here are:




tea and TimTams!


Ally and Aiden at the park in Pocomoke City, Maryland.



Ladybug on Aiden…


Aiden on ladybug.


Small blue wildflowers blooming in the grass-(Veronica?)


Aiden at the ocean


a new friend…


pictures taken of picture taking.


Boots gone- pants rolled up…


and soaking wet!


and rolling in wet sand!





Almond and fig bread.  There is always BREAD!

7 thoughts on “A preview of Spring- Island style

    • The wind was quite strong- Summer is perfect for kites. People have all kinds of huge beach kites up in the sky then. I am not a big kite person- and they cost a great deal.
      But there is some beautiful bread- I brought a small amount of Thing Two with me and we have had pizza and pita bread and sourdough waffles!

  1. I love all of the pictures! Wish I were there with all of you. On the news they are talking about snow here. It looks like you are enjoying Spring there. Maybe next week it will be more like Spring here. How was the bread?

    • We miss you,too! Doing a lot of walking and visiting and really good eating!
      It’s chilly here today- chance of snow- 36 degrees this morning and windy. Hopefully it will warm up a little this afternoon.

  2. Lovely pictures ! I always enjoy your posts from the coast; boots off and playing in front of that big sky and the hit of clean salty air – and BREAD! xx

    • I am always so happy to be here- and I think that flows over into the post! Today was a cold sort of day- with snow flurries and no sun until this afternoon. But there is always sun sometime during the day- unlike Ohio where we have weeks without sunshine!
      And I had a better picture with the focus on the ladybug- but this one had that little hand and fingernails highlighted and I chose it over the
      other one.

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