Building a big cake!

My niece recently said on her facebook status,

“We are a family that  likes to make big cakes.”

So true.

We made one for her father’s birthday one year that was 5 different cakes

all stacked up on top of each other.

And today we made a 5 layer cake with filling and frosting- a chocolate

decadent cake that was so large that no one could eat even the thinnest slice

by themselves!


Here it is layer by layer-  Chocolate chip cookies- 1


Chocolate cake- layer # 2


Chocolate marshmallow fluff – icing# 1


Chocolate chip cookie dough- layer # 3



More Chocolate marshmallow icing


another chocolate cake- layer # 4


top layer chocolate chip cookie- # 5.


Chocolate Ganache icing.



Drizzling Dark chocolate and sea salt caramel on the sides and top.




Garnishing with marshmallows and chocolate bits.


Lighting the candles!


Admiring the cake!!!


Cutting the cake with an electric knife – thin slices were mandatory!


A peek inside-

Well that is the pictorial review of our endeavor.

We all baked a part of the cake- or made an icing- and then we brought it together

and built it.  My family has lots of birthdays in October- so we decided to celebrate them

all with this giant cake.

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth, Martha, Roger, Allyson, Aaron, Lily—,Dianne, and Kieran.

Did I forget anyone?

Leave me a insulted comment and I will ask your forgiveness!

19 thoughts on “Building a big cake!

  1. I have never seen such a tall cake and everyone’s smiles involved tell the story of how much fun you had together making it ! Happy Birthday Heidi’s Family 🙂

  2. I still haven’t started eating my slice. I just might freeze most of it and take it to Kitchener next weekend for all 8 of us to enjoy. Hahhaha. It was fun even if we were late arriving! Hope to be there the WHOLE time next time we “build-a-cake”.
    BTW: Lily’s b-day is Oct 13. Maci is 7-7.

    • Thanks, Carole- it was late when I posted this and I thought I had mixed up someone’s day! I’ll fix it now. Next time give us a call and you can come with Cynthia and I and let your menfolks come late by themselves! 🙂

    • You know, Celia, the best thing about this cake is the joy of spending time together putting it all together! We have a lot of fun at our family get togethers!
      We’ve had contests for the best potato dishes, for the best chili, and once we had a Chinese meal cook off where we used the same ingredients and came up with meals in three different teams. Everyone tasted everyone else’s dishes and then we voted.
      Great fun.

    • That is true. Even if we couldn’t eat a whole piece.
      Honestly, I think we would have been in a diabetic coma if we had tried to eat a piece of our own! 🙂

    • Brydie- the cookie layers caught up a regular knife and would have squished the chocolate cake layer- so the electric knife kept the integrity of the cake secure- LOL!
      I love having a whole family of foodies!

  3. A family of foodies – oh yeah! Can’t wait to taste my piece of this cake and sorry that I missed the one in December for Christmas, too. I saw there was still half a cake of that left, so maybe someone saved a small slice of that one, too? 🙂

    • Both cakes were good- I liked this last one a little bit better- not so sweet or intense. It is so much fun putting them together- we have to figure out how to all be there at the same time!!!

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