Whenever I am down- feeling low and uncertain in life- I do three things:

first- I read incessantly.002

  • Like this little mouse I walk around with a book and read

wherever I may stop.

second- I cook or bake.010

There is nothing like food or cake to lighten your mood.


pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting and raspberries!

And finally- I knit.  I knit a lot.



And I’m still knitting.  I work myself out of depression.

My husband would like it better if I would clean when I’m down.

I only clean when I am feeling happy, though.  So right now-

my house is a mess- but every one’s tummy is full.

And my hands, neck and head is warm.

What do you do when you are down?

17 thoughts on “Knitting

  1. See, that makes perfect sense to me. Until the house gets sooo grotty that I can’t bear it anymore. 🙂 When I get down, I get out of the house! 🙂

  2. I go for walks and mutter to myself quite a lot and hope that the fabled exercise will help, this is where having a dog or two comes in handy as people think you are talking to the dogs and at the end of it we have nothing to show for it except mud on our shoes and paws and a desire to sit down and eat biscuits, your techniques sound much better than mine xx

  3. Put earrings on that I love. Everything else can be a complete disaster but my ears are happy. Especially the ones that make a little soft tinkle sound when I swish my head.

    Keep knitting Heidi… cleaning can wait.

    • Happy ears that sound good.
      My earrings all pinch my ears- not pierced.
      I guess. I will just keep knitting.
      Music helps, maybe I’ll listen to something else tinkling- the wind chimes are nice if the wind isn’t too brisk.
      No- I’ll just keep knitting. 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear you’re blue and in a funk. But to join in…I sleep, read my Bible and cry with a cup of something steaming clutched in my hands, sometimes eat (or depending on how blue, don’t eat – the thought of food sometimes makes me want to vomit). Never clean. I clean either when I feel good and it’s really sunny, or when I’m really mad.
    OK. I feel like I bared my soul.
    I’ll be praying for God to bring sunshine in your life. Cry with His Word in your hands and heart. He loves you.

    • Hi Rebekah,
      So great to hear from you. I DO know that God loves me and there is such relief in that. The problem is that I don’t love me very often.
      I disappoint myself- and sometimes it seems like that is going to be a permanent thing. It will get better- it always gets better- and God is faithful even when I fail.
      Thanks for the prayers.

  5. I love all of the things you make, they make me happy. Sorry you are down. We could go do something then maybe you would feel better. I love you!

  6. Well, I used to eat when I was down. I used to eat a LOT, but then I realized it wasn’t getting me anywhere except into bigger clothes. Now I beg God to get me out of that down place because depression is scary and lonely and so very dark. I don’t like it one bit. Now when I am down, I put on some music I enjoy and I bake, but I don’t eat. Or else I go curl up in bed and take a nap and sometimes that makes a world of difference right there!

  7. Sleep is really what I need- but I am an insomniac and it is really hard for me to sleep for very long. I tend to eat whenever I am down. That is why I try to stick to reading and knitting- they are less dangerous mood lifters. 🙂

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