Leaving a little later…

We were supposed to go to Chincoteague on Sunday.

But there is a Nor’easter hanging over the Eastern Coast and it looks like the

causeway out to the island may be closed.

I’ve done this trip during a Nor’easter before and I’m not anxious to repeat it.

Nor'easter 018

Nor'easter 022


Nor'easter 034

At this point the waves were washing up over the road- it was really scary.  They closed

the causeway behind us!

Nor'easter 057

So we are waiting until – maybe Wednesday or Thursday to go.  There is no

one waiting on us and no reason we have to risk driving in the bad weather.

Nor'easter 065

So- I’m biding my time here at home- putting my packed bag back into the

closet- baking some more cookies and waiting this storm out from Ohio.

8 thoughts on “Leaving a little later…

    • I’m hoping this is the right decision. I just talked to someone on the island and she said it was breezy and warm- no rain yet.

  1. Yes, that was a harrowing experience! I was reading on their website that they are only giving an hour’s warning if they decide to close the causeway. I think we had like five hours to make it during that storm. Glad you are playing it safe, and I hope you have fun with your cookies! Let’s do something this week before you go!

    • Plus – Jordan is moving into an apartment today. I am sad and happy to see him take this step- but I’m glad I’m here for it.
      I’d love to get together before we go.

  2. I’m glad we waited. Better safe than sorry. Also I was here when Jordan came over to pick up a few things. Your pictures do not inspire confidence in taking off this weekend. Love you!

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