Traditional Cream Scones–*Fortnight of scones*-#2 recipe


I admit- that scutterbotch scone recipe was a little over the top.

As I said in someone’s comment section, we Americans tend to put a lot of extra bits

and pieces and flavors into the scone rather than on top of it after it is baked.

So I’m doing a cream scone, today.  Actually, I may do two cream scones- since I have four

recipes to choose from- Smile -I’m trying to put two of a type together and only make up two

batches.  Because what would I possibly do with 4 batches of scones in one day?

I combined the recipes, adding an egg to this one and cutting down on the cream in this

one – choosing to bake at 425 degrees F  rather than 450 degrees and I came up with a very

good scone.


I’m calling these North American scones- since the recipes came from America’s Test

kitchens and a friend from Newfoundland, Canada.


2 cups AP or plain flour (250 gr)

1 Tablespoon baking powder (scant)

3 Tablespoons sugar

pinch of salt

5 Tablespoons cold butter (50 gr)

1 large egg

1 cup heavy cream (250 gr)

Gourmet sugar for sprinkling on top

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (not sure what this is for Celcius- it is a very hot oven!)

Sift dry ingredients into medium size bowl, cut in  butter with two knives until very small-

the size of oatmeal.  Make a well in the center of the flour mix, whisk the egg and cream

together and pour into well and mix together using a light touch.

Shape into a large circle about an inch and a half high and cut into shapes with knife or

cookie cutters.



Place on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper,


brush with egg wash,


and sprinkle with sugar- then bake for 15 minutes.


Serve warm with butter or clotted cream and jam.


6 thoughts on “Traditional Cream Scones–*Fortnight of scones*-#2 recipe

  1. Those look delicious! I celebrated yesterday with a blueberry scone from Panera. Megan’s at camp this week and she’s the only other person in this family who would enjoy scones. I always look forward to reading your recipes!

    • Hi Adrienne- thanks for visiting!
      I made a batch of scones for elevenses, invited my sister and her son over and gave them the leftover scones- because I’m trying out another recipe tomorrow!
      I’m not sure how many more scones I can eat!

  2. Thank you- I was very happy with these- I usually make these kinds of scones a little on the heavy side, but I followed all the tips everyone gave and they turned out really well. I normally make a griddle scone- because they are so buttery- I might add that recipe yet.
    I’m not sure how to reconnect the email subscriber- my blog went down last week and when we finally got it back up again that widget had disappeared. I am technologically impaired, so I’m negotiating with my IT nephew to hook one up- but he’s been very busy lately and hasn’t had a chance to fix it, yet

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