doors and windows, entries and exits

 I haven’t written much lately.

I had my grandson visiting for a week.

AND we were very BUSY!

Then we came down to Chincoteague Island in Virginia and met

up with my daughter in law and other grandson.

So- I’ve been preoccupied.

But part of what has kept me so busy is this-

SailorsRest 003

The fence and gates and pergola in front of the house were run down by a young

man who was drinking and texting and speeding at 2 AM a couple of weeks ago.


It had looked like this.



Girlie lunch 016

I love this doorway- we changed the handle now and it looks even better-


Or at least I think so.  It sure is easier to unlock!


And I love this window.  It is an odd shape- but the Navy seal fit perfectly in the

center and since the owner of this house is a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy-

it is just right!

Tomorrow we are going to give one of the bedrooms a make over!

The grandsons are going home- so  it is back to work!

7 thoughts on “doors and windows, entries and exits

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having a wonderful time with the boys, Heidi! I hope the young drunk texter didn’t hurt himself? I’m sorry to see all the damage he caused…

    • No, Celia-he came really close to impaling himself on the pergola spear, but thank God he was able to disengage the wooden post from his windshield and drove home. His father called the police a little later.

  2. I like connecting the “Entry-Exit” theme to the flattened fence. You exited the proverbial box. And I like the door=window shot paired with the door=mirror.

    For myself, I try not to text when I have been drinking; my thumbs don’t work with a blood alcohol above 0.05%.


    • Yes, Mark- some entries are just too precipitous-

      Dangerously high or steep.
      (of a change for the worse) Sudden and dramatic.)
      as in Sudden and dramatic. In a moment years of work and growth were erased.
      As in “a change for the worse”.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Aunt Heidi, I agree with Mark. The entry/exit theme works well with the unexpected entry of the driver into the yard. My favorite shot is the second door, which mirrors the blue house. Lovely!

    • That window on the door always acts as a mirror in photos. The trick is in getting out of the mirror and finding a good reflection.
      The missing gate/fence opens us up to all other sorts of entries of an uncomfortable sort, Amber. There is such a loss of privacy- it feels like everyone walking down the street is in the yard. 🙂

  4. This has been upsetting and I am happy you found someone to restore the front bed,fence and gate back to what it was before. The little ones are always a delight to be around. The Sailor’s Rest is a beautiful place ! Thanks for your hard work.

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