Super Moon


Saturday night the meteorologist said there was going

to be a supermoon!  Something like 14% closer than usual

and at its zenith.


So I ran into the front yard and took some pictures.


I’m not a good photographer- but if you take enough pictures…


you can get some decent shots.  I loved the quietness of my neighbourhood at midnight,

and the cold clear shots of the moon- although there were considerable clouds drifting by.


I used a telescopic lens that I had forgotten I had for these last two shots.  I could hardly

hold the camera still with the extension and the extra weight.


But the clouds added atmosphere (hah) and I’m quite happy that

I even got a recognizable moon.  Usually I just get a white globular

looking white spot in the middle of a black background.

So- did you see the moon on Saturday night?

10 thoughts on “Super Moon

  1. Hi Heidi, Beautiful shots of the moon. I think you did a beautiful job. It was a beautiful evening. I watched it come up it started out red turned orange, then yellow. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  2. Excellent shots! I did see the moon. It made me think of you and Aunt Robin, who sang the “I See the Moon” song to me when I was little. 🙂

  3. Our Supermoon hid behind the clouds and I thought I had missed it but then I caught a glimpse of it all golden and hazy through the branches of my neighbour’s garden. My cousin Ann in Stockholm posted a pic of it from the terrace of her new flat on Facebook too. I think you are very good getting the camera kit out, great shots ! xx

    • Thanks, Joanna!
      I can NEVER take good night pictures, but that is because I am not very confident or skilled with photography- it is mostly hit or miss with me.
      I really enjoyed taking these photos, though!

  4. It was a SUPER moon wasn’t it. The boys were so excited to show me it. “Look mama! It’s a super moon!!! Clearly linked to a super hero in their minds.
    I took some photos too but didn’t do it justice. I needed to be near the water to watch it birth itself from the sea. Now those would have been good pics.

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