Before You Were Born- a small book review.

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I don’t usually like to do book review’s, because I know myself too well and sometimes I can be downright snarky.  I try not to do food reviews for the same reason, but sometimes I can’t keep quiet- it has to do with a bad taste left in my mouth,  I think.

Anyway, yesterday I read Aidan Before You Were Born , written by Nancy White Carlstrom and illustrated by Linda Saport, Published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers (2002). 

I was overwhelmed… the art is vivid and rich- it almost saturates your vision in a totally fulfilling way- and the text- Oh my- the text had me in tears within moments.  The first sentence-

       “Before you were born

God wrote your days in a book.”

– gives away the background text for this book- Psalm 139:13-16.

But the words and emotions are so personal and real that you are taken on a journey of love in a land of ” Before you were born” and ” But when you arrived” .

This is a book of welcome and affirmation and praise and joy.

If you are a grandma or an aunt or ever plan on reading a love book.  If you love art, if you love beauty, or just if you love.  Get this book.  It will be on your favorite book shelf in an instant.

Because this is love defined- parental and godly love. 

The last pages say it so well-

“So as years and years and years

pass by

and the land and the sky

and the woods all around change –

and we too-

our love for you

will be worn the same way

only more.

And we can say

we know full well

that before you were born

God wrote your days in a book

and sent you to us.”

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