Heidi and Aidan

First of all- I made it here all on my own.  I have a problem with sleep deprivation and it causes me to fall asleep while in a car.  EVEN if I’m driving.

I haven’t  driven for more than a half an hour without having real problems staying awake for about 10 years now.  But I am pushing the limits and forcing myself to go further and further and on the way back from Chincoteague, I managed to drive almost 3 1/2 hours.  Of course, Cynthia was sitting next to me and helping me to stay awake. 

I came to Columbus by myself.

I sang and prayed and  ate pretzels and drank coffee!

So, I’m praising the Lord for this victory!


Luke is in Chicago until Wednesday, so I get to be dinner and nightime caregiver, while Willow is teaching ESL  classes.

Aidan has a cold, cough, runny nose and a slight fever.  He is not feeling well at all.  And yet he is such a trooper.  I went with them to the doctor and he was so cooperative- breathing deeply and holding real still for the examination.

He is really talking!  Counting and naming items, people and toys. 

He has a hard time saying Gramma- so I had him call me Heidi.

EVERYONE calls me Heidi (except my boys who call me Mom.)

I’ve never been the Aunt-type or the Mrs. Fodor type-  and Heidi is real easy for little ones to say.

Anyway, as I said he is pretty miserable.  And he isn’t eating very well- food just doesn’t really appeal to him.  Except for apples, cheese, sweet potatoes, and bread.

AND- these healthy peanut butter balls his mother makes him.

Halloween in Columbus 014

So that was supper.  Here are a few shots of him devouring these balls- which by the way- he asks for by name.  Pea-buttah-baws!

Halloween in Columbus 015 Halloween in Columbus 016

Here’s the recipe.


1 cup natural peanut butter

1/4 cup oatmeal

2 TBS. honey

2 TBS>  coconut

2 TBS. ground flax

Mix together and roll into little balls

Refrigerate until set.

Halloween in Columbus 017 YUMM!

6 thoughts on “Heidi and Aidan

  1. Oh, poor Aidan! You can see it in his eyes! Glad he’s got Grandma there to give him love and attention and peanut butter balls!

    Elliott isn’t saying much yet. Just Gaga, bye-bye, Dada, and Mommom.

  2. But for some reason, you are still Aunt Heidi to me. I love giving you that respect. If you prefer Heidi, I will try to force myself to change my old ways. 🙂

  3. I am Thankful you made it safe and sound. I was praying for you. Give him a hug from me. Have a great time. He is in my prayers.

  4. Glad you had a good trip down there. Yep everyone does know you as Heidi. Don’t forget to get some rest while you are down there so Aidan doesn’t pass along his cold.

  5. I always called my grandmother “Gramma Maxine”. I suppose it started as a way to distinguish in conversation with my mom to which grandmother she was referring. At any rate it stuck. My guess is Aidan will be calling you Gramma Heidi someday.
    Hope he is feeling better soon.

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