Faces and fish (totally unrelated.)

Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems somehow related

to everything else?  Where this event leads into the next one, a seemingly random

phone call summons up a visit with someone obscure and yet it all manages to

seem familiar, like there is theme music in the background of your life?

I seem to vaguely remember such days, but lately, my days are so random.

This happens, that happens, this person shows up, I make bread.

So, yesterday, without any theme music, without any fanfare,  a happy little

string of events occurred and amazingly, I had a camera at hand.

Nothing big, you understand, just heartwarming.

It all started with the cupcakes.

015Apple filled spice cakes.

017…with yellow butter cream icing.

I made them for Cynthia and Frank and Jordan.

Because, you know, they LIKE cupcakes.

But I ended up with 24- and cupcakes go stale quickly.

So we boxed them up and took some to-



She was surprised…


and delighted!

While we were there, we saw this boy…


happily playing in a pile of dirt.


His shirt says “I PLAY DIRTY!”

(He didn’t know about the cupcakes.  SHH! It was supposed to be

a secret!)

He was just so happy to have us stop over.  He thought we might like to

play in the dirt and mud with him.


Oh yes, there was mud.  The train needed a mud hole to fall into.

But when we politely refused, he tried another tack-


and got on his bike.


“Do you want to watch me ride my bike?”

And we did – for a while.

So- the cupcakes made for a happy afternoon.


They were very good, by the way, I filled them with apple pie filling.

The Fish?


I found a whole bag of ribbon origami fish at a thrift store.


They tickled my fancy – so I bought them!

5 thoughts on “Faces and fish (totally unrelated.)

  1. You had a great day! Happy I was able to share it with you. What are you going to do with all of the fish? Did Aiden have a cupcake yet? T he cupcakes were yummy! I enjoyed our journey yesterday.

  2. The fish are delightful! If you don’t find a use for them, I’m sure your grandsons will enjoy playing with them.

  3. Love those fish! I wouldn’t have been able to resist them either. I am trying hard to resist making cakes too, though while I was away this weekend, Bri made a huge boiled fruit cake which he casually offered me a taste of yesterday, what a nice chap he is. Cupcakes… I quite fancy making some of those but you do need people to share them with, I made three choc chip muffins at Easter for my relatives and they seemed to enjoy them. 🙂

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