Book and craft- (maybe even, ART!)


 I found this book at our local used book shop/funding literacy campaign.

It was torn and they were going to toss it, but I loved the illustrations- needlework with antique

fabrics, sequins and felt.

So I rescued the book, cut out the torn page( thankfully it didn’t affect the story) taped two pages

together to make it whole, and then I made the two felted sea horses to go with the story.



When I began felting my wool pieces some years ago, I wanted

to try out the process and used a pair of gold wool slippers I had

knitted but was not fond of- and they became a very small pair of

gold wool slippers that I had no real use for anymore.   But I didn’t

throw them away, because I like the texture and the reminder of

how much wool shrinks when felted.

So I rummaged through my old fabric trunk, came up with some sheets

of yellow felt and appliqued the seahorses onto the slipper.


Then I added some identifying stitches, an eye and sequins.

I used the pictures from the book to make the pattern for the

Sea horses- I wanted them to add to the fun of identifying the

hidden or Secret sea horses throughout the book.

We sent them off on Monday to Oyster Bay- I’m hoping the little boys

enjoy the book in person as much as they did when I read it to them on Skype.

020 And then – because I had gotten rid of a pair

of slippers, I made another pair.


I crocheted some faux fur on the edges- they remind me of lions.

And now I’m going to knit a couple of hats- I found a pattern I can follow

and like- and am going to teach my niece to make a knitted hat over the

next week.   We are going to Chincoteague for a couple of days so that

will be our evening project!

12 thoughts on “Book and craft- (maybe even, ART!)

  1. Lion’s feet slippers! and felted seahorses – they look so pretty – I ‘ve just looked the board book up on Amazon and they have that look inside feature so you can peek at some of the pages – great illustrations too. Have a great time in Chincoteague Heidi 🙂

    • Thanks! I had a wonderful time reading and reproducing some of the art in this book.
      And I’m hoping to have a very productive and happy time at the Eastern shore!

  2. Aidan loves them! You are SuperGranny! 🙂 So clever Heidi, and I love the way you’ve been able to reuse something that didn’t work all those years ago. Warms my hoarding heart – I always knew it was a good idea not to throw anything out! 😀

    • Thanks, Celia,
      I love using up the stuff I can’t bear to throw away. And it is so nice to be able to Skype and see how much he enjoys the stuff I send.
      Being a grandparent is one of the greatest joys of my life! 😀

    • Willow- I found another copy of the book down in Chincoteague- in perfect condition. I thought of buying it but I don;t really need another copy and neither do you. 🙂 It was just a great looking copy though and I was happt to see it!

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