Babycakes and mini quiches !


I think everyday is a time to celebrate. 

I got out my Stangl tea pot and cups and saucers to go with some tea (Twinings Lemon and Ginger) and

the cupcakes I made the other day.

006Just Cynthia and I enjoyed this particular treat.



Actually, Cynthia bought me this cute little machine the other day- and I decided to

give it a try.  It was a dark and rainy sort of day, and I needed something to lift

my our spirits – so I made gingerbread cupcakes with lemon cream cheese icing.

They looked so pretty and bright that I matched them up with the bright brown, yellow, and

green Stangl plates and the whole room looked a little like Spring!


I’ve also made some German Chocolate cup cakes with a box cake, and mini quiches-



The crusts were cut to size and placed into the cup indentions while the machine

was still cold- and about 10 minutes later-


beautiful-toasty and delicious quiche!

Frank says-“Just what you need another gadget!”

But he loved the quiche which I served with a bowl of soup.


Add a fruit salad and it made a wonderful meal!


I’m going to make some pecan tarts this weekend. These are a really nice size-

larger than the mini muffin pan- but smaller than a regular sized cupcake pan.

I really love gadgets!

16 thoughts on “Babycakes and mini quiches !

    • I was a little surprised at the color when I first saw it. But I like pink.:)
      I liked the gingerbread/lemon combination the best- but my family all preferred the German Chocolate.
      I love the possibilities that this particular gadget offers in the way of appetizers.
      I love appetizers!

  1. Oh look at those beautiful cups and that special teapot. I gave my cousin’s daughters one of those cupcake makers for a birthday gift last year. I am delighted to see that they work so well 🙂 I am with you on the gadget front, how can anyone resist them…. x Joanna

  2. Thanks for mentioning the teapot and cups, Joanna! I love the brightness and the hominess of the Stangl pottery.
    They are a heavier clay and so comforting to use.
    I am having a very good time with the babycake maker- gadgets are a boon in my kitchen!

    • Brydie- I am such a barefoot person!
      And because of diabetes, all the medical advice is NOT to go barefoot- so this is my son’s plan to put shoes on my feet.
      I’m trying hard to get used to them- and so far I like them – a lot!

  3. I’m thinking that maybe you should open a bed and breakfast! You would have repeat customers for sure and would be able to bless a LOT of people with your gift of yummy treats! 🙂

    • Thanks , Martha!
      I’ve played with that idea over the years- it requires a large investment in a home large enough to accommodate visitors and rooms with bathrooms attached. And lots of energy- we should have started when we were younger. But I definitely love to feed lots of people!

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