Tea Parties and shoes with toes!





So many happy faces- so much good food- such a  great time!

We had a pre-Valentine’s tea and a wonderful pre-Valentine’s lunch with some of my favorite


Last week I finally started to feel better and when Allyson invited us over for tea- I literally jumped

on it.  I’ve been staying home-watching the snow fall- watching the snow melt- watching the snow fall-


it is a long process to get better-  and kind of lonely,so it was so much fun sharing time with loved ones.

And then when I got home – I had a wonderful package waiting for me.


My son Luke sent  me these wonderful toe shoes- aren’t they cute?  I know I don’t have cute feet- but with these shoes-

I don’t even mind putting up some pictures of my ugly feet with these on!  Called vibram fivefingers, they are closely fitted

to fit closely to my feet,  I’m looking forward to wearing these on the beach this coming spring and summer.

9 thoughts on “Tea Parties and shoes with toes!

  1. I see people I love in there, too! 🙂 Tea parties are fun and I’m glad to see that you create special days like pre-Valentine’s in order to celebrate! BTW, are the shoes really that comfortable? I would think that my toes would not be happy.

    • We really had a great time at our parties! The shoes are a little uncomfortable because my toes are not straight- I’ve broken them several times each! But once I get the toes into the right spots they feel just a tiny bit tight. So I put them on a couple of times a day and wear them for about an hour at a time so that I can stretch them out a bit.

  2. I love tea parties any time, They are certainly more fun with those you love.Glad you like your new shoes. The best thing is that you are feeling better.

  3. Isn’t Luke clever to know your size! They look very comfortable Heidi! And it looks like you’ve been having great fun – your family has the happiest smiles to be found anywhere.. 🙂

  4. Dear Heidi,

    I grew up in a tropical and humid country in Malaysia and living in Sydney now, our winters are really mild. I would love the live in a city where I can watch the snow falls. Your photos with your loved ones and the winter is absolutely beautiful!

    The great thing is I love cold climate as much as I love warm weather when I can lie on the beach and sun tan. The colder the better and I wouldn’t even mind shoving snow 🙂

    My brother has a pair of those shoes and it looks so comfortable and natural!

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