A brief interruption.


I should be on my way to Long Island, New York to visit my son and

his family.  But no, I am spending the day and the next little while resting

and recovering.  I have been sick since the middle of December with

one thing or the other, and this week I came down with a very devastating

stomach bug.  I haven’t eaten anything other than a few saltines in the last

few days- and I was close to becoming dehydrated- so now that I’m starting

to keep food down and can sit up long enough to type, I’ve decided to

just take it easy and recuperate. 

So- I’m going to take a break from blogging for a while, too.

I’m going to try and send out the salt mixes to Lilly and Johanna in the next

month, sometime- thank you for your participation and please send me

your addresses via messaging on Facebook.

I’m looking forward to much inspired baking and joyous bread time in the

months to come, but right now, I can’t even eat bread, let alone make any.

I may write a couple of posts sometime because I can’t help myself- but I

don’t want to feel any pressure or guilt (all self imposed) because I haven’t.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks- ready to share some great recipes!


Maybe by then the snow will stop and the ice storms- and the

sun will be shining.

18 thoughts on “A brief interruption.

  1. I am so sorry you have struggled so long with illness and have had to cancel your plans. I’m asking God for real rest for you–in every way. Love you!

  2. Oh Heidi, please do get well soon! I’m so sorry you have been so miserable. I will pray for your complete healing and your ability to travel to see your children. Love and prayers! Lilly

  3. So sorry this has happened to you. Try to get the liquids in. I got dehydrated once and ended up in the hospital. May I bring you some soup and help you in the house any? Praying for you, Karen

    • Thanks, Karen, I am managing to keep down liquids now- it was just a couple of days when I couldn’t keep anything down. Cynthia made me some soup yesterday and I had a wonderful cup of broth for dinner last night. I have been forcing liquids ever since- I DO NOT want to end up in the hospital!
      Thanks so much for your prayers!

    • Oh Lucas- don’t worry- we are all so firmly in God’s hands!
      AND I did manage to keep down everything I’ve eaten today- even toast and a poached egg!
      So I am getting better- now if I can only keep from getting some other annoying illness then I will soon be well!

    • Oh my dear- my mother NEVER called me sweetheart- so it comes as very welcome to my ears!
      The most loving name she ever called me was heidiann.
      I am hopeful for a quick recovery- I’m so tired of being poorly.

  4. Heidi darling, I’m so sorry to hear that! I know you’ve been unwell for a while now, so hopefully this rest will heal you completely. Get well soon! Lots of love xxx

  5. Thankful You are feeling better.. Happy you are taking some time to recover. Let me know it there is anything I can do . I love you.

  6. Something has been going around here, too, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t send it on to you. 🙂 I hope and pray that you feel better SOON! Maybe you can at least enjoy some books while you recover?

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