Seasoned and specialty salts- BACON SALT!


I made these up for my family.

We were going to meet tonight to celebrate the fact that we are family.

And that we missed our time together over the holidays.

But there is a huge snowstorm on the way and possibly 9 1/2 inches of snow.

So- it may be a while before I get to give them these little tokens of love and

good taste!


Bacon salt, fine sea salt w/herbs de Provence, Vanilla

salt, and Black Hawaiian  salt with hickory smoke.

Olive oils and balsamic vinegars.


Bacon, pink Himalayian salt, and 3 colored peppercorns.

I found the recipe here, on Chopinandmysaucepan.

I added just a bit to sauteed cauliflower and it was transformed!



Vanilla salt- Hawaiian red salt and vanilla beans- great

in cookies, salted caramel Anything, lightly salted on

sweet muffins.


Fine sea salt w/herbs de Provence.

This is great on pasta, in pizza dough, on any veg that needs

a little pizzazz!



Black salt with hickory smoke.

This is perfect on pork shoulder to make pulled pork.

Or rubbed onto turkey breast before  roasting it.


All packaged up and ready to go

But I’m not going to see them tonight.

So- if you were supposed to be there tonight- I’ll try to get

them to you.

And if you are reading this and want one of these salts-

let me know and I’ll send some to two of you chosen randomly!

15 thoughts on “Seasoned and specialty salts- BACON SALT!

  1. They all look amazing; wish I was in your family. I’ll take any sample you are willing to give up. Sorry the snow ruined your plans; thankfully we do not have as much as your post says. Hope the family can reschedule soon.

    • 🙂 – Lilly,
      We we supposed to meet down in Mansfield, Ontario, actually, which seems to be a snow magnet !
      The US 30 corridor usually gets as much snow as they do in the snow belt. I’m not sure how much they actually got- but I know trying to get home along I-71 when it is a bad snow can literally take hours of stop and go, icy driving.

  2. Yum! I will now look at all my steamed veggies with wonder of how much better they could taste with those homemade yummies mixed in…

  3. What creativity! They look so beautiful. Hope they will keep till you reunite with your family 🙂 I love salt and I love bacon – if I had to choose between sugar and salt, salt would win every time.

    And now a chatty bit, not really relevant to your post of course. Oops….I watched Heston Blumenthal doing a short programme on working with chocolate last night. He said that adding salt to chocolate made it sweeter, he put it in his hot chocolate and everything. He also did a hilarious thing with one of those air blowers that you use to clean cameras with, he turned it upside down and used the gas that came out when he depressed the nozzle to super cool the back of a metal sheet and then he drizzled chocolate on the other side and it supercooled to a sort of plastic state which you could mould. It looked like spun sugar, does that make any sense? And he could handle it without it melting on. He also blew melted chocolate out of another gadget and it looked like snow. He is irritating but very clever to watch.

    • I love playing with ingredients, Joanna!
      BUT- I’ve always been rather intimidated by chocolate. I need to play with it a bit I guess- I’ve never heard of Heston Blumenthal before- I’m going to check out his chocolate program. Thanks!!

      • I will see if I can find a link to a video of him doing his thing. He is a bit of a showman shall we say, notorious for dishes whose names I won’t describe as I know you are not feeling too good xxx

  4. Dear Heidi,

    You are one impressive lady! I think your bacon salt is better than mine because you have made it even more chunky. Not only that you even have vanilla salt! And adding the bacon salt to cauliflower is truly delicious! I’ve added it to steamed cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts and this salt is seriously making me eat my veges! LOL!

    • It was your blog that gave me the recipe!
      I bought some synthetic bacon salt last year and was VERY disappointed.
      So when I saw your rendition- I got very excited!
      It is so good.
      Thanks, Chopinand!

  5. Just reading Joanna’s comment, Heidi, Heston is like the Willy Wonka of food in general. He does absolutely amazing things, that leave a ridiculously big wow factor.
    As for all your salted goodies, lucky family memebers I say. Traipsing through snow to get to it?…sometimes these sorts of things need to be done Heidi 🙂

  6. Ugh. I always miss your fantastic giveaways, but I’m happy for Lilly and Joanna! Enjoy!

    Here’s a new one for you: Wednesday I was at a big wig conference (It was on housing issues for the women who have been released from our women’s prison. FASCINATING and sad at the same time.) and was served coffee that I am almost convinced had a hint of salt in it! It surprised me at first, but then grew on me and I think I’m going to try it in my next cup of coffee here at home! I drank way too many cups there because I had to keep tasting it again to be sure that’s what it was. 🙂

    • Martha,
      I said I made it for family. And would share some with two of the commenters.
      I will try to get some to you- maybe through your mom- You, my dear niece, are family.

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