(in which)The doldrums give way to moments of p-p-p-Pleasure

Strange title, that.

But really descriptive.

I am in the midst of the mid-winter doldrums.

Depression.  Down in the dumps.

The business of the holidays are over- and so is the magic and

mystery.  We have celebrated both spiritually and physically-

met together and rejoiced with those we love.

And now everyone is scattered.

And it is January.

There is snow.


It is kind of beautiful, but it is also cold and I really hate when the sun shines

on snow- it’s blinding. 

Today, however, I made a lunch up from various leftovers and it was very pleasing

to the palate and the ear.

Everything started with a P!


Fresh pineapple and pomegranate salad!


Potato soup!


Pulled Pork!


Pumpkin seeds or pepitas to garnish the soup and of course, my can of POP

(I know it is called soda in other parts of the world- but I call it pop)!


And my purple thumb from cleaning the seeds out of the pomegranate.

So- my alliterative luncheon gave me a moment of pure pleasure.

It happens that way sometimes.

BTW- did you notice the buns?  Fresh bread also makes me happy!


What is making you happy today?

18 thoughts on “(in which)The doldrums give way to moments of p-p-p-Pleasure

    • I DID make them- and they turned out scrumptious. I’ve been making so many sourdough and whole wheat and rye buns lately that my husband was reminding me that he liked white bread and buns better than their healthier alternatives. <3 Got to keep the husband happy! πŸ™‚
      And it takes very little to make me happy- but juge efforts not to sink back into the sloughs of despond. I'm working on it, my friend.

  1. Hi Heidi, Thank you for commenting on my ‘In My Kitchen’ post – thought I would pop over and visit you back. Love your friendly blog – almost feel like I know the family πŸ™‚ Congrats on winning – your gingerbread house was great! You have reminded me I must get on with making some vanilla this year – its been on my to do list for ages!

    Helen x

    • Thank you, Helen, for your kind words.
      I do tend to put a lot of family up – but that is my life- Family,faith, friends, food!
      (Not always necessarily in that order!)
      And the vanilla? I am so looking forward to my new batch to be ready to use!
      My son keeps telling me to let it settle down- but every time I walk by it I shake-shake-shake the bottle.
      I think he is more interested in vanilla vodka than vanilla essence/extract. Go figure! πŸ™‚

  2. Lunch looks great! Your blog makes my mouth water! Sorry about feeling down. Love looking at your pictures, they make me hungry. Between today and tomorrow the snow is going to melt. Hopefully the ice on my road will melt too.

    • It will melt soon, won’t it?
      It was a very nice lunch- but then we had take out for supper.:(
      Making a big pot of chili and some cornbread for dinner tonight.
      Corn bread in a cast iron skillet- that will be good.:)

  3. It made me happy to see your post featuring some favorite foods of mine, but unhappy that I have none of those in my own kitchen to eat! We too have snow here, but no where near as much as you from the looks in your photos. Cooking and eating is my way to beat the winter doldrums…it give me an excuse to exercise when spring comes! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Cindy!
      I’m going the cooking and eating route right now- but I’m not so good at the exercise afterward.
      Reading is actually the only way I can get myself out of the dumps- but it takes a LOT of reading and time to work.
      Thanks for dropping by- you added some cheer to this rather cheerless day!

  4. I’d like some of your pomegranate and pineapple salad for breakfast Heidi- lovely flavours.
    Last night I met some friends for coffee, cake a chuckle. After a day that had left me completely depleted and on edge, it was the perfect thing to do.
    Sending a big hug to you.

  5. I love pineapple and pomegranates together, Brydie! They really complement each other.
    I need a couple of friends and some cake and a good laugh about now.
    Thanks for the idea- and the hug!

  6. Love the post. The fruit salad looks very inviting and yummy. I have no snow here. Though their summer is not as warm as it has been advertised to me prior to coming down. I did walk around a bit yesterday and take some pics. Hope to post some of them later on.

    • Looking forward to seeing your pictures, Meredith!
      That pom was the one we bought in Chincoteague and I was thinking it was past its prime- but all the seeds were beautiful and yummy!
      Sorry the temps are not what you expected- maybe it will warm up for you,yet!

  7. I did notice the buns and I too have been thinking that it is time for a white bread moment, with a little butter worked into the dough and maybe some of that nice spray malt. The fruit salad looks fabulous and we never talk about ‘soda’ in the UK, Enid Blyton would have talked about bottles of POP, and my family just called them rather prosaically ‘fizzy drinks’. I think Pop is far and away the best of the three πŸ™‚ Still thinking about slow cooked pork too, you tempt me. We have hit a cold patch but (shhh no snow yet). Hugs, Joanna

    • So glad to hear I have another pop vote. My son says it is supposed to be soda because that is what they call it in much larger circles- like NYC.
      I thoroughly enjoyed the white flour buns- they were soft and sweet and a little salty with a slightly elastic crumb.
      I won’t say a word about the *snow*- except that we are due for more snow, then rain, then more snow- in other words a slick and slushy mess!

  8. I was drawn in by your potato soup and white rolls! No one here likes potato soup except me and unlike your husband, mine has been commenting that I’m making too much white bread and I need to start doing some multi-grain again. While that’s good, there’s nothing like a warm loaf of WHITE with butter melting into it! I made some white artisan bread for supper and he ate almost half the loaf himself!

    I wish I could stop by for a coffee, cake and chukle like cityhippiefarmgirl said! I could use a little bit of friendly warmth from an auntie, too! I love you and will pray that your doldrums pass quickly!

    • I wish we could visit and enjoy some coffee and cake AND a chuckle or two as well, Martha
      t has been a long time, hasn’t it?
      It isn’t hard to see a whole loaf go at one sitting when it is fresh and still warm. I love bread of any style-
      and I think it might just be the pathway out of the doldrums- bread making is a total joy

  9. The salad looks wonderful! I never thought of putting pomegranate with pineapple; will have to try that soon. I also made potato soup the other day. It was wonderful. No fresh bread in my house. I need to learn to do that, but if I do, I will probably eat way too much of it. Sorry about the new snow today. It will be gone again in a few days. We have been having a strange winter this year. Hope you are feeling better today. Love you! Lilly

    • Thanks for stopping by, Lilly. It has been a strange winter- last night we were without power because of the strong winds. It was actually kind of nice to sit in the candlelight, looking into the fire and listening to Mozart on the battery powered radio, just Frank and I, for a couple of hours. Jordan went to the library so he could study.
      The program changed to include some early 19th century dance music, a waltz, and I asked Frank if he’d like to dance. He chuckled and said “no” and then the lights came back on. Saved by the lights, I’d say. πŸ™‚

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