A perfect day for this …

It was Thanksgiving today in America!

I made my usual sausage and walnut stuffing.

And 4 dozen dinner rolls.

And a pumpkin pie.

But it was also the 36th anniversary of our wedding for my husband and myself-

and I had my heart set on this-


a Berry Meringue tart!

I got the recipe here at cityhippiefarmgirl’s  blog.  And I’ve been thinking about it

ever since.   Meredith was here for our celebration and since her next stop is Canberra,

Australia, I decided to make a version of the Pavlova for her.

Pavlova’s are a distinctly Australian ( and New Zealand) treat and they usually don’t

have a pastry shell.  But Brydie’s looked so good I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

I started off with a short pastry crust- I made a regular pie dough ( 2 1/2 cups flour, 1 stick

cold butter, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 cup ice water) and then I rolled it out and place another stick of

unsalted butter in a thin layer on the dough.  Then I folded it in thirds, and then folded

it into thirds again and refrigerated it.  When it was cold I took it out and rolled it out and

placed it into a deep dish pie plate and baked it after scoring the surface with a fork in

quite a few places.

When it cooled I mixed together whipped cream and marscapone cheese and about 1/4

cup sugar and put a light layer of this on the bottom of the crust.

Then I made meringues-


and placed them on top of the layer of cream and cheese.








And then I piled the rest of the whipped cream mixture on top,

added the berries and sprinkled sugar over the top.

It was delicious!  I cut the tart into 10 pieces and the adults all

had a piece.  Most had never had Pavlova before- and they loved

it!  I am making this again.  Maybe for Christmas.

meringue berry tart

The blackberries and strawberries made a stunning display- and were perfect together.















Because this is my new favorite dessert!

Thanks, Brydie!

12 thoughts on “A perfect day for this …

  1. 🙂 Big smile here Heidi. So glad you were happy with this. It looks wonderful! There is something about the combination of the crisp of the pastry, the soft of the mascarpone, the meringue and the tartness of the berries that just begs for another piece.
    I think I’ll be making it again for Christmas as well!

    • We had no leftovers. And even the people who said they didn’t like meringue ate it and sighed with happiness.
      So, sadly, there were no more pieces!
      I have to make it again- just to get a second piece- my first piece was very small- although this is so HIGH- that even a small piece was very satisfying!
      Thanks again, Brydie- great idea- great dessert!

  2. Thanks!
    We did and we did!
    Today I made a trifle with the whipped cream and marscapone cheese and a dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut liqueur that we will use to celebrate my husband’s birthday. There are too many holidays too close together in my home!

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