Our first annual Porch dance on Chincoteague!

We are getting the front porch replaced and new steps added to the

house in Chincoteague.  It’s a big job and has taken the better part of

two weeks for our builder to accomplish- so tonight we ushered in this

new era of safe front porch with a porch dance!


Old porch.


No porch.


New porch.


Porch dancing crew!




It was a foggy sort of night.  We danced to James Taylor’s last Christmas

Album- and ended our dance with “Baby, it’s cold outside”.

The neighbors probably think we’re nuts.  The little boys think we are so

much fun.  And I?  I think this is the one and only porch dance I’ve ever attended

and I loved every moment of it!

5 thoughts on “Our first annual Porch dance on Chincoteague!

  1. It was great family fun dancing with the young boys. Yes, They loved every min. of it. I’m sure they will want to do it again. Maybe when Meredith comes home.

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