For Sweetest Day- I got a dozen red roses- sweet.


Yesterday I picked a bouquet from the garden-



I’ve been doing a lot of new recipes over the weekend.


Whipped cream piled high upon gingerbread-sweet!


Orange glazed pork chops – savory!


Red head,blue eyed babies getting ready to nap-sweet!



Dreamy eyed boy with pickle-savory- sweet- adorable!

I’m sorry- the whole thing broke down when I uploaded the

last picture. I love little boys- they are the sunshine of my life-

even the ones who have grown up and are daddies.


I’ll put up the pork chop recipe soon- they were totally

delicious- sweet and savory!

8 thoughts on “Sweet….Savory

    • Thanks, Brydie!
      I was having a really good time picking out the pictures to illustrate the sweet and savory in my life- but when I started on the boy pictures- I totally lost the thread. Your comment sums it up perfectly. 😀

  1. Morning Lovely Heidi! Sun is shining here and I’m just admiring your photos – gorgeous boys small and big and I could happily tuck into a plate of your chops and eat your gingerbread too. Have a great weekend x Joanna

    • The gingerbread is now, sadly, gone. But I’m planning on trying another recipe, today- I love gingerbread!
      Surprisingly, the sun is shining here today, as well! We’ve had a week long rain and the sun is very welcome.
      Hoping your weekend is also full of sunshine and adventure!

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