It’s all about FOOD!

Today’s blog, that is.

ALL about the purchasing,making, preparing,

baking and enjoying of good food.

I am an admitted foodie!

I love all kinds of food- but I tend not to go too

heavy with sauces or pricey dishes.

I’d love to experiment and play with sauces and

expensive items- but my husband likes plain food

fixed well.  So that is how I cook. Mostly how I cook,



grilled pork chop with a stripe of homemade salsa, basmati

and wild rice and fresh corn on the cob.


roast beef on grinder roll ,green salad with olives and

freshly grated Romano cheese, and creamy Italian sausage and

flat bean soup.


We went to Wayne County- Farm country- to get the beans

and the sausage.  This is a bulk food store run by the Mennonites.


I love the sign on the door.  Definitely an indicator of what is

inside.   From God’s blessing on modest dressing to being –

Closed to Closed on Sunday. 


It has a deli- a baked goods area- a small produce table-


packaged bulk items- and fresh eggs from local farms and frozen meats

from local butchers.


And Lots of Mennonite ladies !


(also quite local!)


The market is right across the street from the church.

013 I bought the broad Italian beans  and

sausage and went home to make a really delicious soup.


Really delicious.

Creamy Italian sausage and bean soup


1 lb of bulk Italian sausage

2 large handfuls of Italian broad beans- almost 2 lbs.

1 sweet onion, chopped

1 large carrot, peeled and julienned

5 cups chicken broth

Oregano and Basil, dried 1 tsp each

fresh 2 TBS each chopped finely

1 handful of fresh spinach

3/4 cup half and half- or cream


Sautee sausage and onions together, add carrot and continue cooking until

sausage is browned, onion translucent and carrots shiny and cooked.

Add chicken broth and herbs and simmer on low heat for at least 30 minutes.

Taste to see if it needs salt and pepper.  Mine didn’t – although I ALWAYS add

fresh pepper at the table. Smile

Throw in your handful of spinach- this added a beautiful color and texture- and

put a lid to cover and cook for another 10 minutes or so.

Then add the cream, allow the soup to heat back up but don’t let it get to a boil!

Serve with a salad or sandwich. 


13 thoughts on “It’s all about FOOD!

    • We have very large groups of Amish in Wayne and Holmes county, here in Ohio. Most people are only familiar with the Amish of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. That is where the movie “Witness” with Harrison Ford was located. If you are interested in seeing the Amish – that isn’t a bad depiction- although the bathing scene doesn’t ring true.

    • Hi Celia-
      Sorry I haven’t answered until now- we were in Long Island for my son’s ordination as an Episcopalian priest.
      It was a great weekend even if it meant flying into NYC LaGuardia Airport on the tenth anniversary of 911.
      To answer your question- the Amish and Mennonites have the same roots – but the Amish decided to stay a separate community- and have become quite insular and somewhat inbred. The Mennonites have splintered quite a few times, but they are basically evangelical believers- their faith is in Jesus Christ alone and not contingent on their community.

    • The store is a dream to shop in Brydie!
      The prices are well below supermarket prices and the freshness and locality just can’t be beat!
      I have filled up my bags more often than I like to admit! 🙂

    • Ha ha ha ! The first time I saw it I smiled- then I looked around and there were some women in halter tops and short shorts that I’m sure offended their sense of modesty.
      And the soup is so good. I wish I had made more.

  1. Mom took me there the last time I was in town. I LOVED it, and the sign caught my attention immediately, too! Good for them for being bold in what they expect from their customers.

    • Martha- I wander about a little while after I’m done with choosing my stuff because I want to hear the end of some of the music. They still play a lot of the music I grew up singing. 🙂

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