Feeding the Russians on the roof.

Today was one of those days.

Things just weren’t going right.

I’m still not feeling well after getting blitzed with

a bug on our plane trip to New York.

The internet connection went out after I had finished

up on Facebook, but before I had gotten to read even one

of my daily blogs.

It’s cold.  Generally I like cold.

But not when I’m sick and shivering with the cold.

There was a terrible banging in my head and over my head.

We are getting a new roof.

And these guys were here quite early banging and hammering

on the roof.

So, I decided to make some chicken soup to make me happier.


That has helped considerably.

Next I set about getting back on the net.  Checked out my system- clear.

Checked out the black box- plugged in and solid green lights- clear.

Checked out the router box- unplugged!

BAD!  I plugged it back in and realized the roofers had started banging

and hammering just before I lost service.

Decided to forgive them for a frustration they didn’t realize they caused-

knocking my plug out of the socket with all their pounding.

So I baked them some chocolate chip cookies.

They are a crew of Russians who don’t speak much English.




But they are very fluent in Chocolate chip cookies.


And now my day is just a lot better.


Especially since my husband came home and started clearing up the roofing

mess all about the yard-008

And the Russians decided to finish up tomorrow so the banging and

hammering has finally stopped.

Funny how chicken soup and chocolate chip cookies can make your day happier.

8 thoughts on “Feeding the Russians on the roof.

    • Well, thanks, Celia!
      It is kind of strange to have all these men laughing and shouting in a foreign language over your head for two days. My husband goes up and down the ladder checking out their work and offering them water- but I am a little more shy than he, and felt uncomfortable and then downright grouchy toward them.
      They were very happy with the cookies and that made ME happier.

  1. I had lovely painters with soft Bristolian accents who brought their own tea with them, though they did enjoy a slice of cake when I found some in the kitchen. The windows are all open as the paint is still soft and it was a cold night, I slept in my house coat with two small dogs cuddled in…. Those windows are going to be shut tonight even if the paint sticks! So you have all my sympathies, we are having a hot pot tonight to keep us warm!

    • So it is cold there, as well, Joanna?
      Soft Bristolian accents sound so comforting. Russian shouted over the banging and loud raucaus laughter is a bit disconcerting at the best of times. Yesterday was NOT the best of times.
      Keep warm, my friend.

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