Still on an island- Long Island- Oyster Bay, New York

I’m sorry about the unavailability of this site earlier.

It is some problem with the carrier and quite frustrating.

But I couldn’t put up anything before this- and I still don’t have

any pictures to show- we have been VERY busy.


I wrote a book for my grandson about the pleasures and rules of video calling

via Skype.  It was fun and he likes it and Aiden likes it too!

And then we drove 7 hours to get here on Wednesday.

The kids went swimming in the Sound that night after a wonderful dinner

with vegetables and couscous , arugula salad and fresh tomatoes and some

really delicious bread.

Then today we went to TWO playgrounds, Luke’s church, lunch at a café- the meal

was just alright but the carrot cake for dessert was marvelous!  After lunch we

went to a Whaling Museum which we all enjoyed- it is amazing how small those

boats were next to the whales they were going after.


-then I made clam chowder and Willow made a macaroni and tofu casserole with

bread crumb topping and corn bread to go with the chowder.

We are having a great time- the Aidan/Aiden club is in full working order, these little

guys really love each other and play like they are best friends- even their spats are

rather companionable!


Not much more- – actually I have a lot more to say and show- but it is late and I haven’t

downloaded the pictures yet. 

Just wanted to say hi and that Long Island is truly beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Still on an island- Long Island- Oyster Bay, New York

  1. Seeing the picture of the boys makes me happy and sad. Enjoy them for me too. I miss all of you, and can hardly wait for all of you to come back. Wishing you the best time ever.

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