…Today on the Island

The first day is always work.  Cleaning,

carrying, scrubbing, pulling weeds- finding

things that have been moved around.


Allyson found a new friend or two whilst working today!

I was working too, but she found mating snails- a preying mantis,

hiding behind the ivy on the fence and a green caterpillar.



037This is as close to a before and after

as I wanted to do.  Seriously, who leaves a pan filthy like this?

All the pans are burnt and sticky and greasy and gross.  So I’m

scrubbing and cleaning.

And  then- LOOK how nice the new wooden bench looks in the foyer!


And I put a fork and spoon and a knife and a fish chime pieces and decorated

the mantel piece with a different look.



And so- It is now 2:30 in the afternoon- we’ve had some food- done some

work and later- we are  going out to the beach!

8 thoughts on “…Today on the Island

  1. What, no photo of the mating snails? Anyone would think this was a family blog… 😉

    What a lovely place you have there, it looks like a wonderful spot to get away from it all. Don’t envy you the grotty pots and pans though…ugh…but good to hear you’ve got the job done by mid-afternoon, so hopefully you can go out and enjoy yourselves now! 🙂

  2. Hello Heidianne,

    Celia suggested I ask this of you and your readers: Friends are travelling by car through the western and mid western states of America and I wondered if you or your blogging community knew of good places to eat along the way. Other friends have just returned from doing something similar and were aghast at the lack of good food places in the country.

    They were flabbergasted when invited to share breakfast that it was at a drive-through food chain not around a kitchen table at home!

    Wondered if you have any ideas on how to locate good food places whether restaurants or stores.

    Thanks in anticipation,

    • Hi Lorna,
      I would be happy to make suggestions- only the area is too large. Could you give me and idea of what states or cities they will be visiting? Portland Oregon has some wonderful cafes that serve up great and memorable breakfast foods- Chicago has some of the best ethnic food places I’ve ever eaten- and the Green House in Cleveland Ohio specializes in fresh and local foods.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Christine!
      It was a quick and happy stop in Virginia- work and play interspersed!
      I thought the pots were way wrong- even for renters- but my son just shook hos head and said,” What do you expect? People are on vacation and they aren’t going to clean up.”
      But we do have a cleaning service. Not a very good one, I think now.

  3. I am so happy you and Allyson are there. Sorry about the condition you found the house. Hopefully they will be more careful in the future. Thank you both for taking care of the mess. All three of you look so happy I hope you are having some fun. I love the pictures.

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