Pony Penning in Chincoteague

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This is the big week on Chincoteague!  Today they are rounding up the ponies

to get ready for the swim across Assateague Bay on Wednesday!

The Firemen’s Carnival has been running since the beginning of July- visitors

have filled the town to capacity in anticipation of the Auction – and it is hot

and sultry on the Eastern shore of Virginia.

This is THE week to be there.  I never have been there on Pony Penning Week.

I’ve been going to Chincoteague off and on for the last 30+ years- and have never

gone  for this event. 

I don’t like crowds.

Don’t want to buy a pony.

Would rather see them on the estuary than in pens.

And – did I mention- I don’t like crowds?

I always think about the ponies this week.

In fact, I pray for their safety during the swim and that they will get owners that

treat them lovingly.

There were so many foals this summer- everywhere you looked- either pregnant mares

or tiny foals and colts following their mommas around. 

Here I sit – in Ohio- dreaming about wild ponies in Virginia.

Because it is pony penning week in Chincoteague.

4 thoughts on “Pony Penning in Chincoteague

  1. The boys would love it, however I’m not fond of crowds either. Love the pictures of the ponies. It almost makes me want to go for a visit, but I don’t like the heat.

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