Psalm- July 23, 2011

I started off these psalm postings saying that I had just

taught a class on the Psalms that had lasted for several

years.  We had a method for studying, and a notebook for

copying down familiar and repeated stanzas.  The students

were all encouraged to pay close attention to the language

of the psalmists and were told that at the culmination of our

study- they would be asked to write a psalm of their own.

The average age of our class was about 70- a couple were in the

range of 35 to 45, several of us in our fifties, some in their sixties,

several in their late seventies and early eighties and two in their

nineties.  We had lots of years of experience in our classroom-

and many of the ladies had been believers for 50+ years.  It was

a wonderful group to study and share with!

The oldest lady in our group was Mae.

Mae is still living and loving the Lord, but her health has

been on a decline of late and she can’t live by herself

anymore, even with help.

So, her family is moving her closer to them and I went recently

to say goodbye to my old friend.

Mae's psalm 001

I wrote Mae’s psalm for her after asking her to tell me what

she would like to say.  Today’s psalm is

“A Psalm for Mae”.

From my earliest childhood, I called you Father,

And I call you Father, still.

You have held my hand and filled my heart-

And you hold them now – still in your protection-

Still in your love.  I am still yours and by

Your grace I always will be.


Father,  you have blessed my life with your goodness.

And I have tried to pass that blessing on-

With hugs and love and even with bananas.

Because what is life without blessings?


This life that you have given me has been long,

But not long enough to sing your praises-

And so I will keep on singing here

Until You take me home so I can sing them

With all the saints in glory!


Keep on singing, Mae!

3 thoughts on “Psalm- July 23, 2011

    • Thanks, Lilly.
      It was such a pleasure and privilege to teach this class and interact with these ladies! I learned so much along the way and have made friends to last into eternity!

  1. That was a good way to have the class participate. Mae will be missed I hope she will be happy with her new home. I miss your classes. Everyone enjoyed making the Psalm booklet, and sharing it with the rest of the class. Thanks for sharing then and now.

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