July has been HOT!

Hot and humid and miserable.

AND I finally uploaded the pictures of garden defenestration and destruction.



I have some nice basil still growing, but the squash and cucumber and

nasturtium have been beheaded.  So sad.




On the other hand- the hanging baskets and flowers and ferns are

all doing fine.  I’ve been watering- although I don’t like to- it is such

a selfish use of water.  So I’ve tried to keep it just to container plants-

never the lawn or established plants.


I snipped the sucker growth off of the bay tree.

It is  a standard- and every year the roots try to send up

a little extra growth from the base.  I love fresh bay-

you can chop it up fine and leave it in your recipes.  It

isn’t as strong as dried bay leaves, but it adds an extra

punch because it is still present.


And last night’s supper was quite fine- the fresh corn, tomatoes,

peppers, onions and grilled squash really fine.  The steak and potatoes

were necessary to keep my husband happy.  I ate the grilled veggies

and counted it a blessing!

9 thoughts on “July has been HOT!

  1. Your supper plate looks delicious. Fresh veggies are the best. Your plants look great, well maybe the ones the animals have been eating don’t. Container plants need a drink so go ahead and water them.

  2. It’s cold here. Not freezing by US or even Canberra standards, but cold nonetheless – about 10C in the mornings. Wet too, although the deluge has finally let up. Your flowers are so pretty, Heidi! And nasturtiums really are a winter plant – we have a field of them at the moment, but they’ll all be gone come summer…

    • A winter plant, hmm- winter plants are sometimes horseradish or perhaps a parsley plant planted close to the house on the south side- as late as December you can sometimes brush off the snow and get a handful of small, crushed and spindly parsley. Nasturtiums do flower the best in the early Autumn.
      I do have a tomato ripening out there now- but it has been SO hot that it would either have to rot or ripen.
      There is no regular weather here, anymore except lots and lots of precipitation- so many of my neighbours throughout the community have been flooded – dried out and then flooded again.
      think I’m going to stay with flowers and buy veg from the farmers market- I’m not having much luck with growing them.

  3. heidi can I swap you a hot summers night? Just the one. You can have my heater and hot food… I kind of feel like rocking on a verandah some where, sipping something with icecubes and smelling the heat…ahh, that would be lovely. Then I’ll swap you back 🙂

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