Back in Virginia


This is the first loaf of sourdough French I’ve made this week.

I’m back in Chincoteague in my test kitchen ( really Meredith’s kitchen, but I

don’t think she objects if I call it my test kitchen, especially when, as in the

next two weeks, she gets to test the results right along with us!)

That’s right- she finally gets to come home in the summer!

She’s never seen her house in the summer aside from in pictures- so yesterday

Cynthia and I planted up three huge combination planters of very beautiful

annuals and set them at the entranceways. 

And I just made mini lemon cheesecakes to welcome her.  Cynthia and Ally

are picking her up at Norfolk International Airport and Aiden and I are

waiting patiently here for them to get back.  He’s patient because I talked him

into taking a nap.  I am really not very patient- but I am waiting quietly so

Aiden will take a nice long nap!


We went out to the beach yesterday.  The ponies were so close to the road

that I couldn’t resist taking a picture.


And there are all these great pictures of Aiden playing with the waves!


See the look of pure pleasure in his face?



And on hers?

Ocean magic!!!

8 thoughts on “Back in Virginia

  1. I love all the smiles!! And I can’t wait to taste some of your creations from the test kitchen. Please give Meredith a hug from all of us.

  2. There are smiles all around here!
    Hug is given.
    Bought some good coffee at Main St. Shop- so at least I’m enjoying my 6 AM awakenings.
    Aiden and I are morning buddies while Ally goes on
    bike ride- Oh the island life!

  3. ”almost” is right! West Virginia is a different state with no coastline. We’re on the eastern shore of Virginia- West Virginia is quite beautiful, lovely farmsteads and rolling hills and very green- but no ocean!

  4. You are such a thoughtful auntie, thinking of all the littles that will make her so happy to be home! And I LOVE the last picture of Ally!

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