A psalm for the traveler

I’m writing my own today.

Praise to the Lord for His goodness.

For His mighty protecting hand in the darkness.

And for the path He provides through the fog.

Praise Him for His loving care for the deer that

didn’t jump into our path- and for the speed

He gave to the one that did.

Praise Him for the mysteries of engines and

brakes and squeals and noises that turn out

to be the rear windshield wipers.

Praise Him for guidance around the mountain

paths and through the mountain tunnels.

Praise Him for the strength of steel that

hold up bridges over the depths of the bay.

And for the clouds that block the sun during

the hottest part of the journey.

Today I’m praising Him for the journeys end-

and for the anticipation of a beloved daughter’s

soon arrival.

Praise the Lord with me!

3 thoughts on “A psalm for the traveler

  1. Great psalm. Having just traveled a long distance, I appreciate it even more. So glad you arrived safely. Have a wonderful trip!

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