Sons and grandsons


Here is my son, Luke.

He came from a busy week of work to make a wonderful meal for his wife and I

for Mother’s Day!  We had baked sockeye salmon, roasted ramps and asparagus,

King Trumpet sauteed mushrooms, fresh lettuce salad with pear basalmic vinegar and

a marvelous Australian pepper olive oil, a selection of gouda and feta cheeses with

luscious olives and crusty fresh baked bread.  It was delicious.


And here is Jordan, our youngest son- he just turned 25 last week.

What a treat to have both boys here to share this fine repast!


Kieran was in such a happy mood- smiling a blessing at all around him-


Grandpa sure enjoyed this time together!


Aidan’s favorite is always the bread- foccacia and seven grain- this time.


Although the fruit- mangos and raspberries- made everyone quite happy!



Yes, everyone was quite happy.


Even my husband.  Grumps, I mean Gramps!

7 thoughts on “Sons and grandsons

  1. Your photos show that all had a great time. Happy you all had a great Mother’s Day. The table looks great.

  2. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Luke took all the pictures- and very fine pictures, they are!
    Joanne- it was a very relaxed and happy day.
    Cynthia, thank you- the flowers added that last little touch to our meal!

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