Making do-looking for cardamom


Some spices are really hard to find.

I knew this- and planned on bringing some down with me.

But, although I bought some, it never made it into the spice satchel.

So, I was all set to make cardamom owl rolls for our guests over the weekend- and – no cardamom.

There is one source here, but they want to sell me a cup+ of cardamom. 

Why would anyone want to buy more than a few ounces of a ground spice?

And who in their right mind would pay $18 for the privilege of a ground spice that has been sitting

on the shelf in a thin plastic container for half a year?

So, I raided the Chai tea container.


And I pulled the seeds out of the pods-


and ground up my own spice.


I love having and using a mortar and pestle.

It makes me feel like an apothecary.


And gives me the opportunity to make and eat-



(The recipe is here.)

Hopefully, you have a small tin of cardamom.  But I really enjoyed the freshness and

novelty of grinding my own.

6 thoughts on “Making do-looking for cardamom

  1. Genius at work to raid the chai tin! By the way since I wrote the owl post I found the link to the recipe in cups for American bakers on the internet. I thought of you too the other day when I was reading the Fresh Loaf and someone had made little round buns with choc chips in the middle and iced chocolate faces on the buns and then again I thought of you reading Andy’s Biscuits for the Bishop post which took me to Czechoslovakia to a retired man carving St Nicholas biscuit boards….. buns and biscuits… and I wanted to ring you up and say look at these Heidi!

  2. Ha ha, Joanna! I would have loved seeing those!
    The owl buns make me so happy- I love to see them bake up with such serious big eyes- they remind me of the whole wheat bears- coming alive in the oven!

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