Dancing with the roomba.

I didn’t say the rumba.  Room-ba.

It’s a little robotic floor sweeper that scurries about a little

like a crab and moves about by lightly bumping into walls and

cabinets and people.

I turn it on when I’m busy in the kitchen and it goes about its

merry way- bumping  around the house.


Sometimes it comes up right behind me and bumps into my heels.

I can usually hear it, so I’m kind of prepared-


except it is much quieter when going over a rug, so it can really

surprise you sometimes. 

Yesterday, I would step to the right and it seemed to follow my steps,

right step, left step, glide, glide. 

I’m so glad no one was taking a video.

“What cha doin’, Heidi?”

“Nothing.  Just a little dance with my roomba!”


here he is, hooked up to his momma!


close up of my new dance partner

5 thoughts on “Dancing with the roomba.

  1. That is so cute, Celia, Gill.
    I call ours pesky- but he sure came in handy in cleaning the dust bunnies from under the beds before we cleaned the rugs. Especially under the king size bed.

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