Salad and Pizza


I love strawberries and pecans in a green salad!

I put a white basalmic vinaigrette with a little honey added- on top and it was superb.


Add a pepperoni and mushroom pizza made with an Italian bread crust and sprinkled with

garlic, oregano,basil, and fennel seeds – and supper just doesn’t get any better!

Unless you decide to grill some fresh flounder after marinating it with soy sauce, white wine,

and olive oil and herbs.  But that’s for tomorrow night’s dinner….

6 thoughts on “Salad and Pizza

  1. Thanks, ladies!
    I particularly liked the salad.
    The pizza was very good- and I wish I could send some to monkey boy, Brydie- Frank thought it was the best part of the meal.
    But the salad! It was perfect.

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