Hanging with the icicles!


Sub zero temperatures.

This is not about the weather.  Or at least, not complaining about the

weather.  But we have been going through a cold snap.


My rhododendren is partially encased in ice.

In fact there is a symphony of ice sculpture around the house.



Even my glass bowl of marbles is frozen in place.

So I’m spending a lot of time in my kitchen.

Where I can be warm inside and out! Smile


There is nothing like beef stew and dumplings with fresh bread to warm you up!


And if you want to warm up your kitchen, make a batch of granola- nutty and grainy-

salty and sweet- baked for 4 hours at 275 degrees F !   It makes the kitchen toasty and

the aroma is just plain wonderful!  Bakeries don’t smell this good!!!

I could put up recipes.

Do you want them?

Because I’d RATHER show you some pictures of buttons.

I collect buttons.  Or I did.

I’ve used them in a lot of projects.


Like wreaths…





And pins and trees-


I just can’t find my button box right now.

And that is frustrating.

Kind of like hanging with icicles- cold and drippy with only a puddle at the end.

I’m going back to my craft room to look again.

Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “Hanging with the icicles!

  1. I love icicles – those ones look like they’re getting longer by the day… is this a typical winter you’re having? Good idea to have stew and dumplings – A friend’s daughter makes jewelry from buttons, so you are in good company. Heidi have you ever come across Etsy? Someone told me about it this evening….

  2. I collect buttons, too! How did your collection start? I inherited a candy box full of them from my Great Grandma Margaret who was the most amazing dress-maker. I haven’t bought any in a long time, but they sure are handy when the kids have craft projects to do for school.

    I love stew and dumplings, so “yes” on the recipe question.

    P.s. I remember you writing about that story of the woman singing “Never Alone.” Thanks for reminding me of that–such a precious gift.

    • My mother had an old fruitcake tin filled with buttons- we used to play with them as children- and my sister Robin and I asked if we could have them when our mother downsized into an apartment. We started adding to the collection and then we saw the button wreaths and each made one. After that we were hooked. I’ve used them for many different projects, but still like to play with them. If ONLY I could find them!
      I’ll put the stew recipe up tomorrow. 🙂

  3. The stew and the granola look delicious. Your button wreaths have some very beautiful buttons on them. We should be without the ice soon.

  4. Jill- the recipe is here- http://heidiannie.com/?p=2551
    Brydie- I love buttons- I used to have Boxes of them, but they seem to have disappeared, somewhere….
    Jo- we usually have a lot of snow and cold- I live not too far from one of the Great Lakes (Erie) and we have lake effect snow- a phenomenon only found around 5 or so places around the globe. Sometimes we have warm-ups between the storms though and that hasn’t happened yet this winter.
    I have heard of and purchased some things from the etsy network. There are so very many entrepreneur/craft people connected under that particular name. People keep suggesting I open up shop- but I am not that network savvy.
    AND- my icicles are very small next to some I saw in Medina today. They were as tall/long as me and hanging like deadly swords all around the houses!
    Elizabeth- thank you- it is so good with all the nuts and maple syrup. Mmm!
    Cynthia-did you enjoy the stew? You know I make the granola mainly for YOU!

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