Guess what I’m knitting?


AND following a pattern to make!


Handwarmers- or fingerless mittens!

I made the hat a couple of years ago.

The scarf I knitted up whilst watching Lord of the Rings.

And the fingerless mitts ?  Allison of Yellowbird Yarn Room- –

my knitting coach and friend shared a copy of a pattern she

was making.

So – I now have a whole winter knitted set!


And it is so warm and “toasty” *!

*- toasty is the name of the pattern for the mittens!

What are you making ?

9 thoughts on “Guess what I’m knitting?

  1. Hey, it was a topsy-turvy day! I blogged about chocolate and you about knitting! And is that a thumb I see in those mitts? Nice job!

    And Cynthia – I have no doubt that if they were crochet you’d have whipped them out long before any of us could figure out what we were doing!

  2. Yes- that is a portion of a thumb.
    Now I’m working on a set of leg warmers for my husband. He turns the heat up high because his legs are cold- and I’m tired of roasting! So hopefully these will meet both of our needs.

  3. Kim- these are very easy to make. Do you knit?

    Brydie-They are very handy. And the hat wasn’t hard to make. I made it before I could handle following even the simplest pattern. Although it is probably too hot to think about knitting in Sydney right now

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