Baking for a visit-



Can you see the design?  I used a stamp of a lion and the lamb.

You can see it better in person.  Maybe YOU should come over for a visit!

I love stamping baked cookies!  Especially these Swedish ginger cookies-

they get a little larger and crunchier and have a cool design.

My son and his family are coming for the weekend!

So I also made bread!


A cheesy flat bread… to go with some spicy pumpkin soup.


Sourdough Rye with caraway seeds.

I love the spicy pumpkin soup, recipe here.   I added some fresh ground

cardamom this time!


I love grinding it myself- and it is Extra aromatic and fresh!

Cardamom is quite expensive.  I usually buy my spices at bulk stores and get it

fresher that way.  But I left this ingredient out of the soup last time because:

1) the stores didn’t carry cardamom (WHAT?  I was in a remote place in Virginia)

2) the store I found that carried it wanted $20+ for a medium size bag.

So I waited until I came home to my own little stash!


Halloween bread bears 006(Forgot to mention bread bears for Aidan!)

People should come over to visit more often!

4 thoughts on “Baking for a visit-

  1. Everything looks yummy! My mouth is watering over here. I’m planning on making those cookies as soon as I get all of the ingredients. Have a great time with your visitors.

  2. Thanks to you both!
    it was all quite tasty!
    And Luke made a wonderful sockeye salmon , sauteed trumpet mushrooms, Willow made cauliflower with garlic sauce and a flavorful quinoa, and I made the salad with fresh arugula, red leaf lettuce and sprouts dressed with dark cherry basalmic vinegar and olive oil.

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