Ponies and birds and waves and soup!


Driving out to the Assateague Island Wildlife Refuge, you have to go very slow.  Mainly because the speed limit is 25mph- but also because there is so much to see and look for along the way.


Like these egrets.


And the ducks.


And, of course, the ponies!

Those are ponies- they are just a very long distance away- out in the estuary.

The ponies are shaggy in their winter coats-


we got a little closer to this group of ponies on the wildlife loop.


Actually – A LOT closer!!!


Meredith jumped out of the car and walked over to an observation area and got some great pictures!


Although he kept his head hidden in the tall grasses- so we never got a good look at his face.

And then we went on to the beach.


Come with me- the beach is just over this small crest.


And here it is- the Atlantic Ocean – at just a mild roar!


And it is COLD and WINDY!  Brrr!

We fed the seagulls some stale bread-


this guy wanted seconds.


But it was bone chilling cold and all I could think about at this time-


was the Chick a Leekie soup I had made to warm us up!

And it was so good at the end of a cold time at the beach.

I forgot to give Meredith credit for the wonderful pictures!  She took all of these on her

Nikon D90!

6 thoughts on “Ponies and birds and waves and soup!

  1. Yeah the vultures were swarming when we gave them a few cheetos. I thought for sure they were going to fly in through Heidi’s window was down. Then that guy landed on the hood looking at me and begging for more food! We even had a few follow us down the road for about a mile. Overall it was a successful trip to the beach with pony spottings – I had to dodge the pony poo to get in a location to get an up close picture.

  2. Heidi is that snow on the beach? My brain says, yes of course it is…but having never seen snow on a beach it looks sooo different! Doesn’t look like there are any bikini clad bodies sunning themselves either 🙂

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