Book Review- TILLIE LAYS AN EGG by Terry Golson

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Have you read this one yet?

Why do I love children’s books so much?  They fascinate me.  I love the way they stick to the subject- without any preaching or attitude- and take you for a short excursion into an alternative life and then gently release  you back to your world.

I won this book in a giveaway at Suzanne McMinn’s Chickens in the Road blog.  Suzanne is a fairly new farmer in West Virginia and her blog reflects her lifestyle. 

This book was written by another small farmer and cookbook writer, Terry Golson.  Terry has a blog also and on her website, you can see her hens ALL DAY LONG!  So if you like chickens- go take a look!

But back to the book.  It is a simple tale about 7 chickens and 3 nesting boxes.  The hens are supposed to take turns.  But Tilly isn’t a patient chicken and she likes to do a little explore about the farm.  This leads to surprises and a little searching of the photographs.    Speaking of photography- Ben Fink does the illustration in this book and he is fantastic.  If just once I could take a picture that looked half as good as his- I’d call myself a photographer.

Published by Scholastic Press and selling for $16.99 in the US- this would make a fine gift for children with an interest in real life photography and searching for an object within the picture.  And for adults who like a well written and presented read with the little ones in their lives.

OR just look in the library- it is worth the time spent looking for it!

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