A recipe repeat-Fennel and Celeriac soup with apples and almonds

I put this up about 2 years ago on my Livejournal blog- but it is so good it bears repeating.  (Besides,Joanna @ Zebbakes asked for the recipe .)

This is a great month to look at root veggies- turnips, beets, potatoes and celery root or celeriac. If you make this- please let me know!

This is one of my ALL- TIME favorite soups.  It is a very old recipe from the North Umberland region of England- and- honestly , I have never had a soup more remarked upon or enjoyed.  It is easy to make although a little expensive and rich.  Try it- you really won’t be sorry.
I medium bulb of fennel (also called anise)
I medium celeriac (also called celery root)
I medium onion
I large Granny Smith apple
1/2 cup ground roasted almonds
2 cups broth(chicken or vegetable)
I pint half and half
salt and pepper to taste
Cut vegetables and apple into chunks(medium size)  put into large pot, add broth and simmer until everything is cooked through.  Put into food processor or blender and whip until smooth.  Put back into pot, add almonds and S+P and half and half.  Heat through- you can bring to simmer , but do not boil once the cream has been added.  Sprinkle with almonds and a little allspice if you’d like.  This is just so good with a green salad and crusty bread.



Here’s a picture of the finished soup.  It was perfect as an appetizer for our meal.

9 thoughts on “A recipe repeat-Fennel and Celeriac soup with apples and almonds

  1. Do you roast the almonds and then grind them? Also where do you buy the celery root and fennel? Those are not things I often see in the store.

  2. I toast the almonds (i use almond slivers because they are whit- but you can use just regular almonds) and grind them in the food processor right before I process the soup.
    You can find fennel at Giant Eagle. The celery root has been a little harder to find this year. Sometimes Buehler’s has it , although Mustard Seed Market is a better bet in finding it.
    I think this soup is worth the search, though, Lilly- honestly the flavors just dance on your tongue!

  3. You are a treasure! Thank you for sharing that recipe, the celeriacs are coming into the shops now and I will make this next week. Toasted almonds always remind me of Christmas, they were a great tradition of my Danish relatives, who would set us small children the task of popping the skins of freshly blanched almonds and then they would fry them carefully either in butter or oil and toss them in salt. This sounds like a perfect autumnal soup to me. xx

  4. Celia,
    my son calls it an ugly fat root- to distinguish it from that other skinny ugly root- horseradish.
    It is like the best celery – the center of the stalk at the bottom? Only it is big and dense and smells like it came from celery heaven. Sigh- I love it!

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