Happy Birthday, Luke (and beautiful skies!)


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Happy Birthday to my handsome son!

– Thirty two years ago we were gifted with our first son- it was a beautiful day- warm and mellow with just a hint of fall in the air.  The trees were bright with the promise of more color to come.  And then, there he was, our child, filled with all of the possibilities and problems that we all travel to this world with as baggage.

And yet, as he grew, the problems were few, the blessings many, and the joy he left in his wake made us all richer.

I took some pictures of the skies this week- some were so bright and some rather threatening – just like our lives.  This is the world we share and enjoy- it is all we have to offer to our children- this and the love that God has given to us- a heritage of the holy- a hope for a better world. 

 sky and AAL 009

Winston Knot 007

 Winston Knot 008

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Luke (and beautiful skies!)

  1. Meredith sent Luke a didgeridoo for his birthday!
    I love the sounds (but then, as I already confessed last week, I love bagpipes, too. Not too fond of the sitar.)
    And I forgot to give my niece , Allyson, credit for the picture of Luke and the two sheep in the meadow scenes.

  2. LOL- Meredith is Famous for her packages of goodies from afar! She packaged up the didgeridoo and sent it through the military post office. It arrived in perfect condition ( which is much more than I can say for some of the goodie boxes she sent me that had broken bottles of preserves and soggy cookies! 🙁

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