Searching for St. Nicholas

St Nick 001

My daughter in law asked me if I have a cookie cutter for St. Nicholas.

Or if I would consider making cookies for Aidan for that day in December.

I looked at my cutters and I have many of St. Nick dressed up as Santa- but none in his bishop’s robes.  So I am going to cut them out freehand and decorate the cookies with appropriate crosses and mitres and bishop’s crook.

But seriously, I have hundreds of cookie cutters.  I have made thousands of cut outs over the years I have been baking professionally and you would think I had at least one St. Nick.

St Nick 002 St Nick 003

I have bears and soldiers, snowmen and bells, pigs and cats, flowers and horses-

rabbits and lions and gingerbread boys and girls.

St Nick 004 St Nick 005

reindeer, woodland deer and moose- hands and feet.

St Nick 006 St Nick 007

Ra bbits and birds…

St Nick 008teapots and teacups.

And santas…St Nick 009

But not even one St. Nicholas.


No, not one- but possibly two.

I was working with some rather strange shaped “santas” last night and look what I came up with!

Some cookie cutters just don’t look like anything specifically.

Decorating them can be a real art project!

13 thoughts on “Searching for St. Nicholas

  1. Thanks Cynthia!
    Lilly- I think I’m just going to make my own template and cut them by hand. I don’t mind paying $8 for a cutter, but I don’t want to pay $5 for shipping and handling .

  2. And that is only about half of my collection (sheepish grin)- for a while there, I was just buying whatever I could find. I should probably try selling them on Ebay- I have multiple cutters in some series.
    But at one time I was making a LOT of cookies for the Bake Shop in Ghent, and I needed cutters in all shapes and sizes- cutting by hand from a template is not time effective. 🙂

  3. Thanks Elizabeth. We need to make cookies together sometime!
    Aidan and I have decorated cookies, but not actually made any together from the cutter on up. Hopefully this year we will have that joy!

  4. That’s a huge collection of cookie cutters – do you have a great collection of never fail recipes to go with them in metric, well maybe just one little recipe for me in metric? A christmas cookie. OK I’ll stop going on now. I love your cutters and your St Nicholas is going to be great I know it!

  5. I think so, too, Celia. I had been using the smaller one as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle- and I bent the larger one to make it fit into the image I had- bent beyond repair- so it will stay a St. Nicholas cutter from now on!

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