Take a look at this!

Winston Knot 013

Winston Knot braided bread!  I got the recipe and instructions here on Celia’s blog.  It was relatively easy and absolutely delicious!   Light and buttery – Frank LOVED it- and so do I.

Thanks, Celia. 

If anyone else would like to try it- go to fig jam and lime cordial  and follow Celia’s tutorial.  You won’t be sorry- I promise!

Take another look-

Winston Knot 014

Now check out the crumb-

Winston Knot 018

Try it- you’ll like it!

7 thoughts on “Take a look at this!

  1. thanks, Ladies!
    It’s been a while since I made anything that WASN:T sourdough- that is why my husband loved it so much, I think.
    I had forgotten the silkiness of milk and egg bread to work with- I think I’m going to make some cardamom
    owl buns just to play with the dough!

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