I’ve been making almost exclusively rye bread, lately.

I love sourdough rye.

It always meets my expectations- and makes a mean sandwich, as well!

Rye 005 

Rye 006 not to mention a lovely crumb-

Rye 008 -and cute turtles!

7 thoughts on “Rye!

  1. Lovely well-developed crumb there, my my! and a baby turtle too what fun. Do you have friends who enjoy the rye as much as you? Him indoors avoids it like nobody’s business. Where do you source your rye flour Heidi? Is it a local mill that you use?

  2. I share the rye with my sister, and always have some on hand when my daughter- in-law comes to visit.
    The rye flour I get from the local farmer’s market during the summer and during the winter from an Amish bulk store.

  3. I use about 2 cups of high gluten bread flour with the rye flour. this loaf I mixed kneaded and shaped te loaf and let it raise overnight. Then I put it into the oven with a shot of steam the next morning.
    I used sorghum molasses in this batch and I love the subtle under flavors as well as the earthy sourdough and rye.

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