Jordan’s Pretzagle snack mix

Pre-agle Mix 005

I was sharing a bowl of soup and crackers with Jordan when he decided that his snack mix would go better than the crackers.  I started making this mix up when Meredith was here last, and Jordan asked me to keep making it.

It is really easy.

You go to a bulk foods store and buy Rye bagel chips, garlic bagel chips, and plain bagel chips, alphabet pretzels, sesame sticks, and flax seed corn chips.


Then you mix them all  together Pre-agle Mix 002

in a big container,


Pre-agle Mix 003 and close the lid.

You can also play around with the pretzels and spell out your name and then photograph it.

This is really good stuff- I just made this container on Friday and already it is showing lots of space at the top.

8 thoughts on “Jordan’s Pretzagle snack mix

  1. It’s so totally easy that I’m almost ashamed to post it! You don’t add anything unless you wast to make it a little hot by adding some cayenne pepper.
    The flavor from the garlic bagels is really sufficient to flavor the whole mix- but you can add whatever you like best!

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