Canned pumpkins and the Blustery Day

It really has been a blustery day here in NE Ohio.

I went for a walk with Cynthia and picked up fallen leaves.

I picked up leaves.

Cynthia just kept on walking so that I would have to scurry to catch up!

I felt like a squirrel by the time we got back!

But look at my leaves!


Blustery day canned pumpkins 001

Aren’t they beautiful!!!

I also decided to get rid of some cans I had about the house.

I started saving them about two weeks ago-  and I ended up with 13 cans!

Blustery day canned pumpkins 016

I took off all of the paper and washed them out.

Blustery day canned pumpkins 017

Then spray painted them with a terracotta spray paint.


Blustery day canned pumpkins 018

I had to wait to spray between gusts of wind on the deck!

Blustery day canned pumpkins 020

Then I put duct tape around the edge so it wasn’t so sharp,

and made a handle out of wire and a bead, made holes on the sides with

a nail and painted a happy pumpkin face!Blustery day canned pumpkins 021

I made canned pumpkins!

Blustery day canned pumpkins 023 And a couple loaves of french bread!

I like blustery days- the wind dries down the spray paint fast!

5 thoughts on “Canned pumpkins and the Blustery Day

  1. Aunt Cynthia, your hair looks so pretty–it’s getting longer!

    And Laurel is starting a leaf project in biology–she should go walking with you!

  2. I slowed down so you could catch up easily. The bread is delicious. I also loved the lentil soup, but it caused a little problem in the middle of the night. I love you.

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