Between recipes- knitting around the edges…

knitted 002 I am taking a small break from cooking-

not really- I am taking a small break from writing about cooking.

I’ve been cooking/baking by day and knitting by night.

Knitting within my small capacity to understand directions.

I think my disability comes from my inability to count.

I could never do counted cross stitch because I would get lost and muddle about the cloth- making random crosses here and there- looking more like chicken scratches than anything else.  The same is true for knitting a pattern- I certainly start well, but then I lose count.

Then I lose patience.

Then I lose heart.

And I stop.

But, I did manage to knit an entire pair of socks.


 knitted 003

And I can knit a hat and scarf-

knitted 006

knitted 005

And I knitted a purse, which I felted and now need to knit the handle and embellish the purse with wool.

I knit a lot like I bake- following a form but fitting it to my style and interests and tastes.

I am a woman of small and humble talents.  But sometimes that is enough to make one contented.   And armed with a camera and a small way with words and access to the internet , those talents almost look impressive.

Before I dazzle you anymore with my many accomplishments, I am going to stop- mainly because I’ve run out of pictures.  ( I have rarely run out of words.)

I’ll be back tomorrow with more recipes to share.

4 thoughts on “Between recipes- knitting around the edges…

  1. I can’t knit, nor can I sew much, Brian has a sewing machine, I have a problem with doing anything that involves straight lines and craftwork. So anyone who knits or sews or quilts or does fancy icing always impresses me, but I like your words as much as the photos, if not more, so keep on writing Heidi!

  2. (Blush!)
    You are so kind. I can’t use a sewing machine or cut a straight line, Joanna- I have a strange fear of the speed of a machine and keep veering off to the right when I have scissors in my hands. I can’t crochet because I’m not sure what to do with just one needle. but my mother taught me to knit ( sainted woman) when I was 8 or 9 years old, and if someone shows me a simple pattern I can follow it.
    Ive been knitting off and on all of these years and only making scarves and slippers. I took a 2 week class on knitting and felting purses and just recently finished a class on socks. Never made a sweater because I can’t follow a pattern.
    Actually- my two favorite things to do are:
    1) feeding people
    2) telling stories
    I should have had a tea room or B+B and written books.
    But then I like to read better than write and am terribly critical of literature, so I can’t submit anything because it just isn’t good enough.
    And yet, no fear- I can’t stop writing, either!
    This is long enough to be another post. LOL 🙂

  3. YES! That’s it. 🙂 The speed and its sort of anxiety to get to whereever it’s heading at top speed, I am a bit like that with electric drills too. A bit of a Luddite. I think maybe it is an unrecognised medical condition (heehee) straight line phobia, isn’t bread wonderful in the way it shuns the straight line unless constrained in a pullman? BTW Just read that Guernsey Pie book, it had some great bits in it, I liked the comic parts best. I imagine it will appear on TV soon in some form. Reminded me of The Camomile Lawn…

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