Update on Lavender wands

Lavender wands 008 So far, 4 people are eligible for the drawing- Elizabeth,Kim,Cynthia and Lilly-you are still welcome to comment (please continue- I like hearing from you!)- but you are all in the drawing as of today!

Martha and Jill need to comment once more to be eligible.  I am open until Friday, midnight.  Then I am going to pick a name out of a hat and let you know on Saturday who won! 

I’m still looking for anyone with lavender they aren’t going to harvest.  If I find some I’ll make more wands for all of you.  Anyway- just thought I’d let you know where you stand.

8 thoughts on “Update on Lavender wands

  1. I think that next year I will plant lavender just to find a reason to have you teach me how to make these….

    now, I don’t know if this counts or not… I hope it does!

  2. Okay…so I know I am out of the contest, but I DID make the pie crust last night. I made the one with butter and did a zuchinni/spinach quiche in it. I also baked one for a jello desert/pie this weekend.

  3. Friday midnight …. Whew! I made it! I thought I did comment on another post back there, but that’s ok, I’ll post here, too.

    OFF TOPIC: I don’t have a recipe for rosehip jam, but after Lilly sent that link today I poked around for awhile looking for a good one. I love the jam as opposed to the jelly. It has the consistency of apple butter, but a beautifully, tart taste to it. Go to a European food store. You’ll probably find several varieties.

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