Bulk Food Stores= STUFF

pumpkins 005

Or actually only one- The Oak Cupboard in Smithville.

This is where I buy my flour.

And a lot of other STUFF.

Sometimes it feels like my life consists of  STUFF, the getting and transporting and messing about with and putting away and ultimately disposing of STUFF.

This is some of the stuff I bought today.  Some will be sent to Meredith- some stuff will be used in the making of cookies- some stuff will be put together into a bagel and pretzel kind of snack for Jordan.  The rest is just stuff.

pumpkins 004 This is a commercial crust guard to keep your pie crusts from burning.  It is $4.95 and can be used several times.  It is basically more STUFF.pumpkins 006 This is a whole shelf of Halloween candy- colorful and rather inexpensive.  More stuff- but I didn’t buy any of this stuff.

pumpkins 002 And here, is yet another teapot.

Bought at The Oak Cupboard.  Placed on my tea table in the living room.

Yep- you guessed it!  More STUFF!

I’m a rather cluttered and confused individual.

And I collect STUFF.

What do you collect?

10 thoughts on “Bulk Food Stores= STUFF

  1. I almost wrote to you about my pie crust guard the other day…I love it after years of using foil. And after looking at all your stuff, I kinda wanna go to the Oak Cupboard.

  2. It looks like good stuff to eat. We spent a lot less this time. Did you look at the picture you took the other day? Let me know what it shows.

  3. Elizabeth- Let me know if you Are going to the Oak Cupboard- ’cause we could meet at the Post House for lunch!
    Cynthia- I looked at all of my pictures- which are you referring to and what it could show? I’m clueless as to what you are asking about.

  4. I collect anything to do with sewing, but mostly patterns. I also have a lot of sewing books. I love pottery, but it’s got to be different, like the “stuff” my mother-in-law brought back from Switzerland many years ago.

  5. We have a great bulk food store here, but it’s nothing like the Oak Cupboard! It’s larger and much more, I don’t know … retail oriented? There’s nothing homey about it. I love and miss the Oak Cupboard! Thanks for sharing it today! 🙂

  6. I’ve been to the Oak Cupboard and other similar stores in Amish country. I love them all. I collect sheep and lambs of any variety, but the ones I have now are mainly stuffed animals. I also collect books………… I probably collect much more stuff that I am not willing to admit to. My life is full of stuff too.

  7. Oh, Karen! What memories you just brought me! Robin and I had such a wonderful time with you and your sons! And we went to the Post House and had such a great lunch just talking and laughing!
    In fact, we had a great lunch at the Post House last time we went with you and Cynthia and I, as well!
    Yes- I would love to go again with you, someday- SOON!

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